Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baby NOW!!!

All of my updates tonight are pretty much on how cute Allison is...

If people don't know by now I'm pregnant and around my 27th week mark and I try to talk to Allison about baby so that it's not as much of a surprise to her when there is another little girl around the house... Allison has known for a while now that mommy has a baby in her tummy and that Allison can talk to her and say hello. Well tonight Allison and I were talking about the baby again and she usually starts out the same...

Allison: "baby in your tummy"
Mommy: "Yeah sister in mommy's tummy"
Allison: "Sister in mommy's tummy"
Mommy: "yeah in mommy's tummy"
Allison: "I WANT BABY NOW"
Mommy: "baby needs to stay in mommy's tummy a little longer"
Allison: "I want to hold baby now!!!"

It's just super cute that she is so interested in the baby and that she is showing excitement about the baby coming.

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Anonymous said...

SO CUTE! Makes me anxious to have a second child!