Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Going Private?

So I don't know of many people that read or even look at my blog... But lately I've noticed a bunch of blogs going private.... Why is that? Is it worth going private? I'm just curious of the pros and con's and why people are doing it so much lately? Thanks for the feed back....(If I get any)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Let's try again...

My friend is giving away free tickets to the circus that will be here at the end of September. All you need to do to enter is post this on your blog, facebook page, myspace and twitter. I'm going to give it another try... I didn't win the first time but a friend of mine did so hopefully we will win this time... Wish me luck!

Good luck!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Pioneer Day

July 24th for Pioneer day Kyle's cousin Loren and Sonya invited us to Lehi to hang out... We sent the older kids with Kyle and Loren to play in the bounce houses while us girls went to look at the shops...
Loren, Allison and Noah
Loren, Me, Abbigail, Lyla, Sonya
Allison in one of the MANY bounce houses...
The four older kids went on a ride around the playground
Me and Abbigail at the shops
Abbigail showing off her balloon she got (its a flower)
We ended up leaving to go and get some lunch at Zupas and went back around 4 pm so we could hang out in foam... Can you tell that Allison doesn't like this...
Allison did not like the foam....
The Foam
I stayed out of the foam as Kyle took Allison in first... As soon as Kyle brought Allison out she asked for a diaper wipe so she could get the yucky off of her legs... Kyle then grabbed Abbigail and took her into the foam...
After the foam we all went back to Loren and Sonya's place so relax for a bit... We then decided it would be so much fun to go shooting.. So Kyle and Loren took off to buy ammo while us girls packed up to meet back at our house and head on out...
Sonya out shooting for the first time...
Loren out in the DANGER ZONE placing all the plates, bottles and other things to shoot.
Me shooting
Loren shooting his hand gun
Loren getting a little TOO comfortable with his gun..
Sonya shooting the shot gun
Loren shooting
Kyle shooting the shot gun
Thanks Loren and Sonya for a fun time... We will have to get together again.. SOON!

Camping adventures with the Hiatt's

July 16-18 our family went camping our friends Mitch and Jessica Hiatt up at Currant Creek. Our adventures started on July 15th as our family headed out late that evening to make our way up to Currant Creek... We should have known we were in trouble as soon as we found out we left the directions in the printer tray.. So we used Google Maps and it gave us directions up to Currant Creek using some back dirt roads.. As we got onto the dirt roads everything was fine... nothing to out of the ordinary... then the road became very rocky and bumpy... after we got through he rocks and bumps we ran into a steep hill... went up the hill then this is when the trip went south... as we were driving on the road it quickly turned from a dirt road to a road were only dirt bikes or ATV's would use... (keep in mind were driving our beast of a truck with a boat trailer on back...) I finally told Kyle enough is enough and around 12:30 we decided to call it quits and turn around... One problem.. there was a huge rock in our way and we couldn't get the trailer pass it without hitting.. so Kyle unhooked the trailer as I'm holding it he turns the truck around and Kyle and I had to turn the trailer around on the super small road with a hill going up and a hill going down on the other side... we finally got the boat turned around after 20 to 30 minutes or so... We hooked the boat back on and headed our way back to the steep hill.. Kyle didn't feel comfortable as our breaks were starting to wear out so we got out of the car and started looking around to find another way... there was no other way... so I stayed out of the car holding a flash light and guided Kyle down the mountain.. We finally got back to the main road about 1:00 AM and searched for another way to Currant Creek... we did end up finding the main road to Currant Creek. We got to the campsite at around 3:30 AM and decided to just sleep in the car until light... Well around 6 or 7 in the morning Kyle and I had enough of "sleeping" so we got up and put together our campsite... After we got the campsite set up we had breakfast then took a nap then had lunch and went out on the boat to do some "catching" (thanks Josh)... As we were out successfully "catching" Mitch and Jessica arrived and set up their camp... Here are some pictures of our trip...
Kyle with his Catch
Me and my Catch (sorry about the hair)
Our campsite had a playground for the girls they loved it...
Allison on the house
Abbigail and Allison playing
Allison looking at the great playground
Best friends playing in the dirt
Allison with her catch
Kyle and Mitch with their catch
Kyle with his catch
Allison with her Catch
Abbigail sound asleep
Mitch with his catch
Kyle with his catch
The morning we were packing up to leave we woke up to find Allison's face all swollen.. We packed up in record timing and headed out to stop in Heber city to get Allison some medications to get the swelling down... Poor girl...
All together it was a fun trip with a few scary moments... Sorry Jessica I didn't have a picture with your catch of the trip...

Kelley's come to visit

The first week of July the Kelley Clan was in Provo.. The first night we always go to Osaka...
Allison and Grandma Kelley
Our dinner party
Abbigail and Grandpa Kelley
The fireworks from the Stadium of Fire (from our house)
The fireworks
The kids with Grandma Kelley
Abbigail and Grandpa Kelley
Allison, Kyle, Heather and Abbigail Kelley (thanks Jessica for letting us use your pool)
Kyle and the girls
Everyone in the pool
The boys
Jackson and his fish
Abbigail on the boat
Jonas and Kyle with their fish
Jonas with fish # 1 out of 50
We had a lot more pictures of all our fun activities but someone dropped our camera in the stream so I hope you enjoyed the pictures...