Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tea Party Anyone?

Allison LOVES her gifts! This morning we put together the rest of her toys! Kyle and I got her this new table so that she can have her own table to eat on when we do barbeque's! Well Allison decided that she wanted lunch on the table so she had me serve her lunch on her new princess tea party set! She even had water put in her tea pot so she could poor her own drink and drink out of the princess cups! It was TOO cute!

Happy Happy Birthday Allison!!

Friday May 23 was Allison's 2nd Birthday! Here are some pictures of the day! Allison talking to Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth on a web cam so they could see the Birthday girl!
Allison's Tinkerbell pajamas that Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth got Allison for her birthday! Allison with her bubble blowing Elmo that Grandma and Grandpa Kelley got her! She LOVES ELMO!
Allison opening her Birthday gifts! This is from Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth.. Lots of clothes and a doll!
Princess Tea Set from Eric and Kaitlin Reed! She Loves the tea set! She had a tea party this morning!
Allison opening her bubble blowing Elmo from Grandma and Grandpa Kelley! She also got a cute pillow case and a Finding Nemo fish!
Folding chair from Clayton and Kristie Romberg! This is perfect for the playroom as well as out doors!
All of Allison's Presents!
Allison eating her birthday cupcake!
Allison blowing out her candles!
Allison eating her birthday dinner! She had a ton of people at her party!
Allison's Birthday cupcakes!
Allison with mommy and daddy!
The birthday girls dinner!
We want to thank everyone who could make it last night and for all the gifts!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Another one Down one more to go...

Another Down One More To Go!
So it all started out as friends Christy, Kaitlin, Jessica, Memori, Jackie and I... We all graduated well most of us... (Kaitlin and Memori are a year younger) but after we graduated high school Christy was the first to move away to Utah... A little later she got married... I think that was 4 years ago... Well than after Kaitlin and Memori graduated Jessica, Memori, Kaitlin and I all moved up to Utah together to become roommates! A year later I got married to Kyle! Jessica, Kaitlin and Memori all moved out and started to do there own thing until Kaitlin found Eric and they got married. So that left Jessica, Memori and Jackie (oh Jackie is back in California but still a member of the 5 and still keep in touch) Well just this past January Jessica and Mitch got married. And just two weeks ago Memori and Scott got hitched! I'm so excited because we are all married except one! :(... I have tried to get Jackie to come up but she's busy with schooling and working but one day she will join us when she find the right guy to sweep her off her feet! Anyway here are a few pictures of the most recent weddings...

Jessica and Mitch Wedding!

Memori and Scott's Wedding!


"The LITTLE Gym"

The other week Debbie and I went to the Women's Expo and I signed up to take Allison to a tryout of this GYM. So Kyle and I took Allison to "The Little GYM" and she had a lot of fun! Here are a few things she did: Kyle helping Allison on the Jumper! This blew up this jumping thing for the kids to jump on and Allison at first was not too sure about the whole thing so Kyle was there to help her! After helping her out she LOVED IT!

Kyle getting Allison to do a flip!

This is Kyle and Allison walking in a circle with all the other kids! They had a few activities planned out to help the kids learn a few things such as walking in a circle, flips, rolling a ball, jumping and so on.
Well I don't think Kyle's sold on it... Which I agree... I think it was a little to advanced for her. Maybe in the future!

Like Colors

Kyle has been playing in this band called "Like Colors". Well they have recorded for a movie for the Sundance film festival and just recently they played in a battle of the bands. I'm glad that Kyle is playing again but sad that he's not playing with "Backseat Driver" or "Nothing Special the band". I just know that he LOVED playing with those people and had a lot of fun. I know he would really like it if the other band member from "Nothing Special" were to move closer so they could play again! Back to the subject he played in a battle of the bands and he did GREAT! They came in second place which was great! The other bands were interesting to say the least! There were only 4 bands that played. I'm guessing the band that won was the band that played right before Kyle played and the only reason why they won was because they were high school students and all there friends came out to support. Either way I love watching Kyle play! It's just a little reminder of why I fell in love with him!

Sorry the place was REALLY DARK and Kyle is in the back! He's the drummer!
I also wanted to thank everyone who came out to support!