Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow day 2009

Kyle decided to see how Allison would like the snow one morning so I got her all dressed nice and warm to go out into the snow with daddy. At first she was unsure of it but once in it she didn't want out!!!
Sorry the pictures are out of order....
Daddy helping Allison walk
Allison onto of an ottoman.
Allison and Daddy on their way out to the backyard...
Allison before the snow...
Allison and daddy out in the dog run...
Allison taking daddy towards the dog run...
Allison out in the snow....
Daddy doing a snow angel...
Kyle falling into the snow to make the snow angel...
We also took some video clips of Allison out in the snow and it is just too cute how much she loves the snow. I will have to post it once I figure it out....

Chuck E Cheese

Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth and Karly came to visit this past weekend. One of the many things that we did were take Allison to Chuck E Cheese. Allison loves going to Chuck E Cheese. She was so cute on the jungle gym toys. Allison doesn't understand how to climb up from one level to the next to get to the top so another little girl around Allison's age started helping by pushing Allison up. It was so cute. It was a great weekend and we had lots of fun! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth and Karly for visiting!

Kelley Family Pictures

Thanksgiving 2008
We took family pictures with the Kelley side of the family!
Kyle 26, Allison 2, Heather 22 (16 weeks pregnant)

Jed and Cyndi Kelley Family
Grandma and Grandpa Kelley with All Kelley Grand kids
All the Kelley Ladies
All the Kelley Men
Josh and Sara Kelley Family

Knotts Berry Farm Dec. 2008

My parents took us to Knotts Berry Farm when we were down visiting for the Christmas break! It was lots of fun watching Allison! Here are a few pictures:
Front of Knotts Berry Farm!
Saying goodbye to Karly, Dale and Eric as they go to the big rides
Kyle before the lady kicked him off the ride! Kyle and I tried to go on the balloon ride together but she said there can only be one adult and one child per balloon... So Kyle ended up getting off so I could actually ride a ride.
Allison and Grandma on the Balloon ride.
Allison and Grandma on the cars.
Grandpa thought it would be great to get Allison a cotton candy and give it to her all at once!
Cotton candy mess!!!
Me, Allison, Karly and Kyle on the bus ride...
Kyle, Allison, Grandma and Grandpa
Allison on the Merry Go Round!
All together it was a great day at Knotts! Thanks mom and dad for taking us!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Day!

Christmas always starts off at my house when we wake up usually around 5 or 6. This year Allison was the first to wake up and woke everyone else up to go see what Santa brought her! After we open all of our gifts at my house we get dressed and go up to my Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth's house and eat breakfast and open up gifts there. We end our day by having dinner at Kyle's parents and opening gifts at there place. Here are a few pictures....
Enis or Penis all of a sudden decided to show his face again this year with a few other old friends!
Allison playing with her toys and showing off her new sunglasses!
Allison opening her gift from her cousin! By the way she loves the cake that comes with the doll!
Christmas breakfast at my grandparents house!
First Christmas gift to baby Kelley from Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth
Another outfit for new baby Kelley! Don't you just love the backside!
Allison looking at her books! All books from my parents this year were about dogs. Do you think they are trying to tell us something?
Allison opening a gift from daddy and mommy! (princess activity books)
Kyle with his paintball mask on and his lures!
Allison playing in her new play house from Santa Clause!
This is what Santa brought Allison for Christmas this year!!!!
Merry Christmas everyone! Thanks to all for an awesome Christmas!

Christmas Eve at Grandma Mary's

A Kelley tradition is to spend Christmas eve at Grandma Mary's house (Kyle grandma). Here's how it usually goes:
We always start out with Dinner! After dinner the kids go out and practice the nativity. After they are done practicing they come in and act out the nativity. Once they are done acting out the nativity they always pass out all the gifts to and from Grandma Mary. After the little kids are done opening their gifts from Grandma Mary the adults start the white elephant! Kyle and I made out pretty good this year compared to the past few years! haha... (Wheel of fortune hat??)
Allison opening a gift from Grandma Mary (doll set)
Kyle's gift from "a friend"
Another gift from Grandma Mary (ABC electronic book)
Grandpa laughing at Allison!!!
Grandpa Kelley putting pillowcase over Allison
Allison showing Grandpa her new pillow case
Kids acting out the nativity!

Winter Cleaning

One day before Christmas I decided it was time to do some winter cleaning. We started in the basement and pretty much cleaned the entire basement out of any and all junk that we don't use and have moved it to our main floor to motivate us to sell it.. Well the majority of the stuff has been sold besides some speakers, a drum set, and our Harmon Cardin. The reason why I'm blogging about this is because during the cleaning process Allison got into a few of Kyle's old speaker boxes and she was just too cute!

Kyle's Christmas Present!!!

If you didn't know Kyle has a new hobby... He loves going out shooting and so he now loves to collect guns! This is one of his newest additions to his collection. This was Kyle's Christmas present from Allison and I! Kyle ended up getting it pretty early because he wanted a new shot gun to go out shooting rabbits! So we went out one day and looked at every gun shop in Provo and Orem and this is the one he fell in love with! Merry Christmas babe! We love you!