Friday, August 8, 2008

Allison MOO!!!!

This is Allison and Kyle up at the cabin in Kolob. Whenever Allison see's or hear's a cow she likes to MOO! Well Kyle was trying to get Allison to focus on something other than the two kitties that she LOVED!

Camping with the Brights!

Ellsworth Family Reunion

In July we had our first Ellsworth Family Reunion! It took place up at my Aunt Jan's cabin in Utah. All the kids had fun games and crafts to keep them busy while the adults had fishing, atvs and games to keep them busy!


Kyle's newest hobby! My family came up for the weekend for a family reunion and we decided to go out shooting and take my cousin's son Matthew! It was a blast!!!

Poor Car

Kyle took his dad and dad's friend out fishing sometime in July and on his way home a lady hit him and we are still without our car today!!!! Sorry it's hard to see the damages but she got him pretty good!