Sunday, January 31, 2010

Allison Dancing Queen...

Happy New Years 2010!!!

New Year's we always spend at home. This year we spent the New Years with some friends that live in the area. We had dinner and dessert while singing Karaoke and just playing games. It was just and nice relaxing evening. Happy NEW YEARS... (I know it's a little late!)

Abbigail takes a bath

The baby bath has been offically put away. Ever since Abbigail learned how to sit up on her own she's been taking baths in the big bath and she LOVES it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Day...


Christmas morning usually always starts the same for us the only thing that changes would be the time that we get up... As kids we were usually always up by 4 am just to see what Santa had brought... thank goodness my girls are still a little young so we now get up around 7 am to go down and see what Santa brings us. This year Allison got a doll house with ALL the room accessories and all the dolls, she also got a stocking full of fun candies and other little items... Abbigail got one of those play disk and fun little toys in her stocking... Santa was good to Kyle and I as well and left us a bunch of cash! After admiring our gifts from Santa we started opening our gifts under the tree. Around 9 am we stopped opening gifts to talk to my younger brother Eric who is currently serving a mission in Iceland (Copenhagen, Denmark) we talked to him using Skype for about 45 minutes. For those of you who know Eric he's still his happy self! He's gained a bit of weight but is looking very healthy and happy! After talking with him and showing Abbigail off to him (he left on his mission the day after Abbigail was born)we started opening gifts again. After opening all our gifts at my parents house we get dressed and head up to my Ahma's and Ahba's house for our traditional breakfast. This year was a lot different at Ahma's and Ahba's house. This year was the first year for me that my Ahba hasn't been there and so it did have a different feel. I sure do love and miss my Ahba! But it was sooooo nice to see my Ahma and Aunt Joy! After opening some gifts and having breakfast we headed back to my parents house to get our things together to head to Kyle's parents to celebrate with his family. After everyone arrives we have Christmas dinner. After dinner we all gather together to open all our Christmas gifts. After opening all the gifts we usually (only when there's a new addition to the family that year) have the Christmas fish show up. Since this was Abbigails first Christmas it's Kelley tradition for the Christmas fish to give them their first fishing pole! Abbigail loved the Christmas fish and loved her pole even more! Then we packed up and went back to my parents house to finish the night! Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Christmas Eve with the Kelley's

Christmas Eve in the past we have always all meet at Grandma Mary's (Kyle's Grandma's house). This year we had Christmas Eve at the in-laws... It was great! I loved the fact that it was only a five minute drive from where we were staying! Once everyone arrived (extended family and all) we had our Christmas Eve dinner, the nativity scene was played out by all the children and guys in the family. After the nativity was over Grandma Mary opened all her gifts from everyone then all the little kids opened their gifts from Grandma Mary. After all the was picked up and moved out of the way it was the adults turn to have the gift exchange... This year Kyle ended up with a Dominoes game set (that we brought) and I ended up with two movies and a desperate housewives game.. After the game we had dessert and off we went back home... When we got home we unpacked all the fun gifts the girls got and opened up our family tradition of Christmas Pajamas! Abbigail got a cute pair of pajamas (couldn't find any cute Christmas PJ's), Allison got 2 Dora the Explorer night gowns, Kyle a pair of basketball short and I got a pair of PJ's for Victoria's Secret. We put on our new pajamas and went off to bed so SANTA CAN COME!!!

Gingerbread Houses

This year was the first year that Allison was able to make a gingerbread house. She didn't just make one this year she made TWO... The first gingerbread house she made was for the Activity Day girls. Our activity with them was to make gingerbread houses before the Christmas break and whatever the girls are doing Allison is usually right there with them. This house was just the usually graham cracker house and using a bunch for frosting and random candies. It turned out really cute and really yummy... Sad thing was I didn't get a picture of this graham cracker house... The second gingerbread house she made was while we were down in California at Grandma Ellsworth's house. Grandma Ellsworth bought Allison one of those packaged assemble yourself Gingerbread houses and it turned out to be a lot of fun! Allison like all little kids of course had fun at first putting it together but as soon as that candy came out she stopped building and started eating! Here are a few pictures of her gingerbread house she made with Grandma Ellsworth and Mommy.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Abbigail update

I know it's been a while since I last updated anyone about our little Abbigail.. Well she is still here and growing like CRAZY!!! She is 7 months old and will be 8 months on January 12, 2010 (where does the time go?) Well just to let you know she was rolling over around 3 to 4 months old then she learned how to sit up all on her own around 5 to 6 months also around that time she got her two bottom teeth in and LOVES to chew on EVERYTHING!!! Exactly on her 7 month birthday she crawled! It was an awesome morning. Kyle and I were in bed with Abbigail and Allison came to snuggle in. While Allison as at the bottom of the bed Abbigail started to move towards Allison. It was so neat to see Abbigail crawling towards her older sister! These two girls love each other so much! She is now crawling all over the place. During the Christmas break she has learned that she can stand.. so she is now pulling herself into the standing position every chance she gets. If she could skip crawling I think she would. She loves to stand up and loves to walk around holding onto things! I have a few videos of her crawling and a few videos of her doing some other really cute things that I just want you all to see how cute our little Abbie Ann is! Hope you enjoy!

Beauty day...

For the past few months now Allison has been asking for a girls day... a day to go out and get nails done hair done and so on.. it wasn't exactly a "girls day" but Kyle and I took Allison to get her haircut. She loved it at first and asked to have her hair be like Mommy's hair so we went and got the ends trimmed and cut her a little side bang.. When it was all said and done she wasn't too happy because she didn't come out with Mommy's hair... After asking her what she means by Mommy's hair she said that her hair is not long and brown... How cute is that! I told her that she has Allison hair and that she had beautiful blond hair! I love my little girl she is just too cute for her own good!

Snow Day

Before Christmas we had a great day of snow.. so we went out and bought Allison all new snow clothes so she could go out and enjoy the snow!

Parents Day at Dance Class

Allison is currently enrolled in a creative dance class through BYU. They have 4 parent days. The first day of Class, the week before Christmas break, the week after Christmas break and the last day of classes. I LOVE these parent days! Allison is always asking for us to come and watch her dance so I'm very excited that Kyle and I get to go! Hope you enjoy the pictures!