Friday, April 16, 2010

A day at the park

Tonight we went down to the park to play a little ball and let the girls run.

Tea Party

Allison had a tea party this past Thursday! She had so much fun! We invited four other little girls and all but one showed. We had two sleeping beauties (Allison and Megan) one Cinderella (Autumn) one flower princess (Prairie) and one little mermaid (Abbigail). The girls had pink lemonade as their tea as well as sandwiches, cheesecakes, pies, fresh fruit and cookies. The girls spent about a half an hour doing the tea party then decided it was time to just play... All in all it was a success. We will have to do it again soon!

Allison gives her first talk

This past Sunday Allison gave her first talk! She was asked to give the talk for primary. She was asked to speak on how Joseph Smith restored the Gospel. Allison and her daddy sat down and ready the story of Joesph Smith. Then Kyle asked Allison about the story and this is how she ended up writing her own talk. During primary she did very well giving her talk. Her daddy went up to help but she did most of it all by memory. Kyle and I are so proud of our little girl!

A new "toy"

When my parents were here for the Easter break my dad and Kyle went out looking at guns. My dad was very set on one kind of gun but after some window shopping changed his mind and ended up getting this little beauty...

It was a lot of fun to shoot!

Allison takes Abbigail for a ride

A few weeks back Allison was out driving her jeep around the block when her jeep started to die I decided to put Abbie in the jeep with her to see how Allison and Abbie would do. Abbigail LOVED the car and Allison LOVED driving her sister around. Unfortunately at the time I did not have my camera on me so I didn't get any pictures of it. The other day it was really nice and Allison really wanted to go outside and ride her jeep so I agreed and quickly grabbed the camera so I could take some pictures this time. Allison is a very good little driver and makes sure that her little sister is always having fun. Here are some pictures:

Easter 2010

Easter 2010 was spent at home with my parents and sister who came to visit from California. This year my parents were not going to be able to make the trip but ended up surprising us late Thursday night. Friday it was my cousin's birthday and he invited us all go to go carting. The remaining part of the day was spent up in the Salt Lake area. The next day was spent going around and getting some last minute Easter things. Easter morning the girls woke up got dressed in their Easter dresses and came down to find their baskets... Abbigails basket was in the living room for her to find and Allison's was in the formal dinning room. Allison did a few circle around the main floor of the house and finally found her basket after a few minutes of searching. My sister's basket was down in the basement. This year the Easter bunny hid two more baskets one for Kyle and I and the other for my mom and dad. The Easter bunny was a little too easy with hiding Grandma and Grandpa's basket. It was in our front room sitting on the bench for all to see. Our basket on the the other hand was a little harder to find. Allison ended up finding our basket in the basement theater room under the chair and under some blankets... After we found our baskets we watched conference. After the first session we all went Easter egg hunting. Allison ended up with the majority of the eggs and ALL the money eggs... After the second session of conference we had our Easter dinner. It was a great day of just hanging out at the house and spending time with family. Monday we went around shopping. Tuesday my parents had to head back to California. It was a very nice visit with my family. I'm glad that they were able to come.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The past few months

Oh my goodness I can't believe it's already April... The past few months have seriously just flown by.. Sorry I haven't been keeping up on my blogging so here's an update on what we have been doing for the past few months...

Kyle has been super busy working. He has recently picked up several new clients looking to buy and sell homes. Last month he helped one of his owners sell their rental property. Currently he is working with one of his tenants and they're in the closing process of buying a home. He's also currently working with another client that are looking to buy a home up North and so he's been busy traveling up to the Salt Lake area. Kyle has also been able to get a few mornings out on the stream. I think he's already gone a dozen times or more already this year. Kyle is also currently working on his fishing boat (shh... don't tell his dad) and can I tell you it's looking GOOD! He has already replaced most of the wood on the benches and is now looking at some new seating options to make it a little more comfy for little ones. I think after it's all done it will look brand new!

I have been busy as usual at home with the kids and working. It is currently renting season and so I have been crazy busy with apartment showings and contract signings. I think if I give it one more month I will be all sold out for the year! YAY!!! I have also been working a quite a few remodel jobs with the apartments and those are looking awesome! I have also been busy with the girls. Can I just say I have my hands full with these two little ones....

Allison has been having so much fun in her dance class these past few months. Unfortunately a week ago Allison came down with Hands, Foot and Mouth which is a virus that looks like chicken pox a bit but it's just a rash that's on her hands and feet (sometimes the mouth but not in Allison's case). She is just now getting rid of the rash and is excited about being able to go out and play with friends again. Allison has also gotten really interested in plants. A few weeks ago her primary teacher gave her some sunflower seeds and she thought they were for planting so she started going around and planting them in our front yard and our neighbors yards too... I quickly stopped her from doing this and we ended up going out and getting little plants for her to grow inside for now. She has 2 pumpkin plants and a sunflower plant that are all starting to grow now. Last week when the weather was nice out Allison was able to go out and ride her jeep around the block a few times. She then decided it was time for her to have a passenger and so Abbigail got strapped into the jeep with her and off they went around the block together. I was a little worried that Abbigail was not going to like it but she LOVED IT!!! I'm just sad I didn't get any pictures or video of it. So next time the weather allows us to we will try it again... Allison has also been able to go out and fly her kite these past few days as it's been really windy and perfect for kite flying. She has a little problem with running the kite right into the tree's but other than that she's pretty good.

Abbigail... Well holy cow has this little girl just taken off.. I can't believe that April 12 she is going to be 11 months. This past month she has now learned to WALK!!! She loves the fact that she can now stand up and take steps! She does pretty well but still needs to work on her balance a bit. She is now learning how to talk and not scream... She is now starting to warm up to other people! She loves to talk on the phone and make funny little faces and noises. She loves to laugh and be tickled. She absolutely adores Allison. Just this past week she has started to sleep in her crib in her bedroom all night (well most of it)... She is just growing up way to fast!

Well that's it that's what we have been up to...

Happy Birthday Kyle

I have the best husband EVER!!! Happy Birthday LOVE!!!


My parents bought me my first car a 2003 Honda Accord. Once I got married my parents gave me the title. THANK YOU BY THE WAY... I drove it all the time up until I had Abbigail. Once I had Abbigail it because a little too difficult to put two car seats in the car and do all my other little tasks that I needed to do for work and so on. So I started driving a larger car and the Honda started sitting in the driveway. We would us it here and there if people were visiting or if one of our other cars were in the shop. But after awhile of it just sitting in the drive way Kyle started talking to me about selling it so that way it could be used... So after a few months of talking about it Kyle put it up for sale on KSL. We had several calls the morning we listed it and one girl didn't want to miss out on it so she drove down from Northern Utah to test it out. She fell in LOVE with my car... She couldn't take it that night so she set up a time to come back the next day with her parents to pick it up. We meet her up at the bank and they did all the paperwork and off went my car! I was so sad to see it go so Kyle was the one who did everything as I sat in the car with the girls just sulking...