Thursday, October 28, 2010

Abbigail and Grandpa

We have had lots of visitors over the past few months. My parents came to visit for a weekend to look at some houses and have sometime with the girls. One of those days Abbigail happened climb up and find Grandma and Grandpa's computer.
Grandpa finding Abbigail at his computer...
Grandpa and Abbigail on the computer
The girls loved playing on Grandma and Grandpa computer and listening to the Care Bear dance video on YouTube. Thanks mom and dad for visiting!


A friend of mine was giving away tickets to the circus so I couldn't pass up trying to win and guess what we won... Be aware there are TONS of pictures....
30 minutes before the show started they allowed people down on the floor to meet the clowns and try on their costumes.. It was a ton of fun...
One of the elephants painting a picture
Our family picture
We had an extra ticket so my cousin Nick came with us and it was nice to have him there. The girls really do love Nick!
Allison waiting for the show to start
The tigers
Bunch of acts going on all at one time
The motorcycles were our favorite
elephant carrying the dog.. The girls loved this
The elephants
The baby elephant
Guys jumping around everywhere
Allison at the end of the show
Abbigail at the end of the show
Me at the end of the show..
Nick at the end of the show
It was a ton of fun and the girls loved it! I promise Kyle was there at the end but he was the one with the camera....Thanks again Jessica!


Kyle's parents were in town for the weekend and one thing we had to do before they left was go bowling. The girls were all on one lane while the guys were on another. It was tons of fun. Thank you Mike and Debra!

Allison get invited

Allison was invited to her first birthday party. She was so excited mainly because it was Mitch! Mitch is our next door neighbor and Allison's little crush... After the party I found out that she was the ONLY little girl invited to the party and she LOVED it...

My silly little Abbigail

Abbigail... Abbigail... Abbigail.. Where to start with this little one.. She is EVERYWHERE!!! She's so much fun to watch... She loves to dance, talk, snuggle, climb and just get into everything. She absolutely loves Allison and loves to do and copy everything Allison's doing. Abbigail's stats were 17 lbs which is in the 3rd percentile of girls her age so she's tiny... Abbigail's current words as of today are Mommy, Daddy, Abbie, babie, more, please, thank you, no, hello, good-bye, okay, night night and lots more that I honestly can't think of at this time. We absolutely just love this little girl and could not imagine our lives without her.

Allison's first day of Preschool

Allison started her first day of her schooling career on August 31, 2010... She was so excited to start school. We decided to do the Mother Goose or Joy Schooling program with a few families within our area/ward. Allison has four kids in her class including herself. Her first day was at the Weinheimer home.
Allison was so excited to get out the door and just get to school...

Allison and mommy walking to school
Us picking Allison up from School.
Allison LOVES school. She can't wait until Tuesday and Thursday's are here! She's in school from 9:30 to 11:45 and just loves every minute of it. She has a different teacher every week and loves all of her teachers. She says that she loves the dogs and animals at the Lotts. She says that the Garretts have the best back yard and toys. She loves story time the best at the Weinheimers and she says that her favorite teacher is me... I think she's a little bias but think it's cute that she has things she likes about each and everyone of her teachers.

Needing a Change

Growing up my mom would never let me color or do anything crazy to my hair so after I graduated high school she started to allow me to change my hair color. So I did just that. I've gone with just simple high lights, really blond and red. Throughout these years I've usually always kept my hair on the shorter side but recently I decided that I wanted to grow it out and go really blond so I did just that:
After a year or so of being a blond and growing it out really long I just really wanted and CHANGE and go back towards my natural look... So I did... well almost.. I went a few shades darker than my natural color but it's close enough..... I really do like the change. I also love the fact that it requires no touch ups...