Monday, March 16, 2009


It all started at 1:30 PM on March 6th:
I just finished signing a contract with this couple when all of a sudden I had this horrible pain throughout my tummy. Kyle had me lie down and relax but it just hurt so bad. He kept asking me what I wanted to do and so I told him I was going to go lie down in bed and try to sleep it off. I went to bed and just ended up tossing and turning all that afternoon and into the night. Saturday morning Kyle woke up asked me how I was feeling told him it still hurt! He again asked me what I wanted to do and I said I don't know it just really hurts! Well he called my brother Dale over to watch Allison while he went to work (he had to show clients through some houses) While Kyle was gone the pains started going to my back so I ended up calling my mom who of course told me to go to the ER. Dale came up and looked at me and ended up calling Eric my other brother to come over to help watch Allison. Then ended up calling Kyle to let him know that I looked like I was in a ton of pain and wanted to know what he wanted him to do. Kyle told him to call our doctor. Dale did and got the on call doctor who told him not to chance anything and to take me into the ER. Eric showed up to watch Allison while Dale took me to the Emergency. I walked into the ER in which they took me straight up to the Labor and Delivery. They hooked me and the baby up to the monitors just to see if I was having contractions (which I was) and to monitor the babies heart! The nurses then decided to ask me 100 questions as well as take blood and other tests. They ended up calling my doctor to have him come and take a look at me. It just happened that my doctor was already at the hospital at that time helping with another patient. He came to see me started feeling my tummy to see where exactly the pain was then walked out to consult with other doctors and nurses. Five minutes later he came back and said I have everything set up for you. We are going to run a few tests... First you will have an ultrasound to see if they can find anything if they can't find it then you will undergo an MRI. Then he introduced me to a Doctor Cook who was a surgeon and he would be taking over. I went had the ultrasound done then was taken back to my room to wait for the results... Nothing... As they were getting ready to take me down for the MRI Kyle shows up at the hospital and takes over for Dale. They put me in the awful MRI machine and scanned.... They found the issue!!!! It was my appendix! The surgeon met up with me after the MRI and talked with Kyle and I and explained that I HAD to have my appendix removed! They then explained how this would or if it would effect the pregnancy... A few minutes later I was lying in the surgical waiting room. After saying my goodbyes to Kyle they wheeled me in to surgery! They gave me some stuff to knock me out and a few minutes later (which was actually 2 hours later) I was waking up in the recovery room! A few minutes later I was back up in my Labor and Delivery room where Kyle had been waiting for me! That was Saturday March 7th.... Sunday March 8th was just a whole lot of lying down in the hospital bed being bored to death!!! Monday March 9th they finally got me up and moving... Then released me by the afternoon! I WAS SO GLAD TO BE GOING HOME!!!! I hate those hospital beds!!! Here are some awful pictures that Kyle took of me while in the hospital!
This picture was taken Sunday sometime!
Allison enjoying my crackers!!!
Just to give an update! Baby is doing well so I have been told! I'm doing good just sore... I'm not allowed to lift anything over 15 lbs. And I'm suppose to keep it easy for the next 3 weeks! I will know more on Wednesday after my doctors appointment! Thank you to everyone who stopped by to visit me at the hospital! It was awesome to see friends and family! I also want to thank my mom who flew up to help me around and spend time with Allison!
Thank you!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


One weekend we decided we were going to have a girls day and go out and get our hair done with my friend/cousin Kristie. My other cousin Nicole was the one who ended up cutting/color our hair and it looks great! I love it. I had Allison's hair cut and it turned out super cute! Super easy to do and really easy to manage! I ended up getting blond highlights and getting some layers! Kristie is the one who ended up with the most change with some highlights put in as well as chopping off her hair so she could donate it! It was super awesome! I was able to cut her hair off! Thanks Kristie for not killing me! I really love your hair! Thanks Nicole for taking your day off to do our hair! We really do love it! Here are some pictures of Allison and I with our new looks...

Allison and her teddy bear that she ended up getting that day! We seriously could not separate Allison from this teddy bear for DAYS!!!!!! She even requested to dress her bear for Sunday so they could match!
Allison and her teddy bear!
Allison's Hair
My hair!

The Call Is In...

My brother Eric received his mission call to the Copenhagen Denmark! He will actually be serving the majority if not all of his mission in Iceland. He will be speaking Icelandic! Eric has been so excited about his call that he has already started learning a bit of Icelandic. He actually went the BYU and met with the Icelandic professor. He now attends his classes! He will be reporting to the MTC on May 13, 2009! We are extremely excited for him!