Sunday, May 24, 2009

Allison turns 3 years old!

Allison is THREE!!!! May 23, 2009 my little girl turned three years old! We had a great day of playing with friends and hanging out at Chuck E Cheese. Then later in the evening we had a family dinner where we opened gifts. Thank you everyone for all of the awesome gifts! Allison had a blast that day! Allison's Birthday Cupcake!
At Chuck E Cheese! My cousin Nick with Allison.
Allison at Chuck E Cheese!
Daddy and Allison at Chuck E Cheese
Allison at Chuck E Cheese! Thank you mom for taking us all to Chuck E Cheese for Allison's birthday! I know she had tons of fun running around until Chuckie came out and ruined it for her! Thank you again!
Allison with all her gifts before!
Allison with all her gifts after! Again thank you everyone for all the gifts!
Allison with her cupcake Cake.
Allison blowing out her candles. We ended up singing Happy Birthday to Allison two times and she ended up blowing out the candles on her cake three times! She was just too cute!

4 years...

Four years ago I married the man of my dreams Kyle Zachariah Kelley! Kyle and I met a few months after I graduated high school and after he got home from his mission in 2003. Ever since then Kyle and I have pretty much been inseparable. It has been the best four years ever being married to Kyle! He is my best friend! He is the best husband and father I could have ever asked for! I'm so excited to be married to him and be able to spend eternity with him! I love you Kyle Zachariah Kelley more and more everyday!

Eric Reports!

My younger brother reported to the MTC (mission training center) on May 13, 2009 just a couple hours after I had Abbigail. It was awesome that Eric was able to meet Abbigail before he had to leave for two years. I'm so proud of my brother and the decision he has made to serve a two year mission for our church! He will be serving the people of Iceland. I love Eric and miss him tons! I'm am just so proud of him.
Eric's mission tags in Icelandic
Eric's MTC mailing address just in case you want to write him. He will be at the MTC until July 13, 2009 and then he will fly out to Iceland!
Kyle, Eric and Allison in front of the MTC. Abbigail and I were still at the hospital!
Grandma and Grandpa Summerhays, Mom, Eric and Dad in front of the MTC.
Ellsworth Family with Allison in front of the MTC.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I never thought the day was ever going to come! The doctor kept telling me that she could come at anytime but I guess she just wasn't ready to come. I went in for my doctors appointment right before my due date May 11th and he said that the due date might have been wrong and that it might actually be May 19th... I was so upset that day! All I have been wanting is for her to come! I was given the option to induce but after Kyle and I talked about it we decided to let her come when she felt like coming... Well May 11th came and went and she was still not here. I then woke up on the morning of May 12 and something just felt different. All of a sudden around 9:30ish I started to have contractions every 3 to 5 minutes apart. Kyle wanted me to wait it out so we wouldn't be sitting in the hospital all day waiting. Around 4:30ish Kyle decided that we should go take a walk around the block to make the contractions come. As we were walking we were timing the contractions and they were still 3 minutes apart so we called the doctors and they said to have me check into the hospital so we got all packed up and left for the hospital. Of course Kyle wanted to delay a little longer so it would give my contractions a little more time to progress. We got to the hospital around 5:30ish and checked in. They hooked me up checked me and I was currently at 3 cm. The nurse said that they would give me an hour and if nothing happened I was going to be sent home. I did not like that idea so about an hour later they checked me again and I was now at 5 cm. The nurse then reassured to Kyle and I that we were in fact having our baby! They came back an hour later and I was now 7 cm. At this point I was hooked up to the epidural and was sitting pretty. My family came by to visit before taking Eric my brother to his last dinner before entering the MTC in the morning. They ended up leaving after visiting for about 20 minutes and the nurse came in and said that if I wanted my family to stick around the baby would be here within 30 minutes. They had the on call doctor come in since my doctor was in Salt Lake and could not make it in time. After 3 pushes Abbigail Ann was here!
7 lbs. 14 oz. 20 inches
May 12, 2009 at 8:25 PM
Family picture just minutes after Abbigail was born!
Grandpa Ellsworth, Abbigail and Allison May 13, 2009
Grandma Ellsworth and Abbigail just minutes after being born
Mommy and Baby minutes after she was born
Abbigail Ann Kelley sucking her thumb!
Abbigail in the nursery
Travis Raymond and Abbigail May 12
Grandma Kelley and Abbigail May 12
Kelley Family picture May 13
Daddy and his girls May 13
Aunt Karly with Abbigail May 13
Kyle, Heather and Allison playing Doctors!
Uncle Eric with Abbigail May 13th right before Eric entered the MTC to serve a 2 year mission in Iceland. Abbigail had perfect timing to meet her Uncle Eric.
Uncle Dale with Abbigail May 13
Brandon Cruz with Abbigail May 13
We checked out of the hospital Wednesday May 13th around 3:00 pm. We had a huge welcome home party with everyone there to welcome Abbigail Ann home!
Great Grandpa and Grandma Summerhays with Abbigail at home May 13th @ 3:30ish
Welcome Abbigail Ann Kelley May 14, 2009

Kyle's fishing trips

A few weeks ago Kyle came up with the idea that he had to get in as much fishing as he could before I have the baby. We went three times before Abbigail decided to come! He went twice to Rockport. Once with his dad and Allison and the second time with Allison and I. The third time he went fishing he went with Travis Raymond down to Scofield.
The second trip to Rockport Allison was killing us with the fish that she was catching it was AWESOME!
Had to show that I in fact did go fishing one week before my due date!

Kyle with a fish that he caught from the first trip with his dad and Allison.

Swimming to my Eric

Allison loves her Uncle Eric. Eric has been talking to her about how he's leaving to go on his mission and that he is going to be going very far away to Iceland! I'm not too sure where she came up with the idea but she all of a sudden started talking about how she wanted to swim to her Uncle Eric on his Island. For days Allison would only want to wear her swim suit around because she wanted to swim to her uncle Eric on his island!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dale Graduates from Brigham Young University

Dale my older brother graduated from Brigham Young University April 24, 2009. He graduated with a bachelors degree of International Studies. I'm so proud of him! This fall he starts Law School down in California. I'm going to miss him so much! He has always been there for me and it's going to be a REAL big change for me not to have him around! Here are some pictures:
International Studies Department Graduates
Allison LOVES her Uncle Dale! She was the first to find him after he took his pictures with the department! She is really going to miss him while he is in Law School!
The Kelley Family: Kyle, Allison, Dale, Me and Little Abbigail in my tummy!
The Siblings: Eric, Karly, Dale and Heather
Dad, Dale and Mom

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Robert and Jan's Tradition

When I was growing up the Ellsworth family always had the tradition of doing a big family Easter Egg hunt for everyone. Well this year my Aunt Jan and Uncle Robert had everyone living in Utah come to their home for a family Easter Egg hunt and dinner. They had a little kids Easter hunt on one side of the yard and then on the other side of the yard was for the adults. It was tons of fun! Thank you!
The kids playing basketball before the egg hunt began.
Allison finding an egg in the grass!
Allison helping Daddy with the adult egg hunt!
Thank you again Uncle Robert and Aunt Jan!

Happy Birthday Todd!

Happy Late Birthday Todd!
We have a little birthday tradition to go out for dinner to Tucanos and then we always usually come back to our house where we had the birthday boy blow out the candles on his birthday brownies.

Kyle and this band...

Recently Kyle has been playing in this band called "Like Colors." They have been playing a few shows lately but this has been their best show yet... They played for the opening of this cafe here in Provo. They had a pretty good turn out and Kyle did amazing! I just love watching Kyle play! I wish he would play more shows!
The bounce house they had for the little kids
"Like Colors"

Kyle playing his drums!