Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Somethings going Down!

The other evening I was on my out to do a checkout with a tenant when I got an emergency call from another tenant stating that there is a fight going on in a apartment close by. I told them that I would be down in a few. I called up some people who could go with me to one watch my daughter two make sure they knew I was not alone and three because I was scared! We got to the apartment complex to hear the yelling come from the top floor. The apartment was completely shut all windows closed blinds down and door shut. We heard two people fights and saying f this f that. I think you get the idea. Well another set of my tenants came home and we walked over to them to talk to them. Once we starting talking with this couple the two individuals came outside and started to yell and scream and make a scene. A few moments later another individual joined the argument. It was at that time that the three of us said that was enough drove away and we called 911. I drove around the block and came back to have three cop cars in front of the complex and the police at the tenants door. We found out one person left between the time we drove off and the police pulled up and the other two involved went back into there separate apartments. Police questioned both people... basically two people got into an argument about work or whatever ended up taking it outside and a third person got involved who shouldn't have. So that was the other evening. This morning we woke up to a phone call from one of the individuals involved yelling and screaming at us saying that we made everything up and that nothing happened last night. I don't know if this person was just so drunk that they cant remember or if they are just trying to get out of something. I'm not to sure but either way I'm kind of tired of it all!

Monday, February 25, 2008

I've been TAGGED!

Ten years ago. . .
I was twelve years old at that time and so my days usually consisted of going to school, doing homework, napping and watching TV.

Five things I'm doing today. . .
1. Wake up
2. Shower
3. Feed everyone
4. Play with Allison
5. Work

What I would do if I became a millionaire. . .
I would finally build my dream home that Kyle and I have been talking about and whatever is left invest it.

Five jobs I've had. . .
1. Front desk, Hampton Inn (all throughout high school)
2. Customer Service/Phones, Ellsworth Stationers (right after I graduated)
3. Property Manager, Ellsworth Properties (Current)

Five things that most people don't know about me. . .
1. I have to shower right when I get up if not I'm really lazy the rest of the day
2. I was a pregnant teen (married though)
3. Our first kiss was after a youth dance in the parking lot (I was the youth Kyle was one of the leaders)
4. I love working
5. I like shooting guns

Five places I've lived. . .
1. La Verne, California
2. Walnut, California
3. Glendora, California (for a summer)
4. Provo, Utah (Current)

I tag. . .
Family.... it doesn't really matter to me who actually does this or not but it was fun filling it out!

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's good to get out!

So if you know me you know I'm always workings... Well Sunday we got a surprising phone call from Kyle's mom letting us know that she was coming to visit! Well it was a nice visit. I actually got out of the house and had a ton of fun! We went pretty much everywhere I wanted to go for the longest time but just never wanted to go alone! We went to the Bean Museum and the "Manutdo" art show... then the next day we went to this cute little flower and gift shop that I have always wanted to see what it was like... After stopping by the flower shop we went to the Quilted Bear then Deseret Book... It was really nice to spend time with my mother in law! I had a fun time! Thanks Debbie!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Kyle!

Happy Birthday Kyle!
Today is my husbands birthday and I just wanted to take a minute and say how blessed I am to have him as my husband and in my life! Kyle is a hard worker! If you don’t know how to do something he either will know or will learn how to get it done! No job is too big or too hard for him to get done! He also knows how to play and relax! He has taught me the art of fishing! No I don’t like going with him every minute but I love the fact that he loves the outdoors and enjoys going out and catching a few fish every once in a while. I love the fact that he loves his music! I love the way that he is completely different from me and so that’s what makes him so fun and interesting! I love watching him with our daughter! I know that he is an amazing dad! I love watching him dance with Allison while on her tippy toes! I love his kisses! I love everything about him! I have been blessed that he is so forgiving and he gave me that third chance on the way home from Conference! I have been blessed to have him in my life!
Kyle Kelley I love you!


I know my earlier post was about strongly disliking being sick… Well I have had some more time to think of some other things I strongly dislike. I strongly dislike when people feel they “HAVE” to correct other people’s grammar and spelling. I strongly dislike when people are rude! I strongly dislike arguments. I strongly dislike the fact that people blame their problems on communication issues. I strongly dislike when people don’t take responsibility for their actions. I have many more things that I strongly dislike but most of all I ask if you are to read by blog and don’t like what I have to say or don’t agree with the way I say or spell things please keep them to yourself. No one is making you read this and so if you don’t like it don’t read it! Don’t leave rude comments because you “feel” it’s your job to correct me and my spelling! I apologize to all of those that are reading this and are a little confused by it! If you are confused by it than you are not the one I’m referring to.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I strongly dislike being sick... Yesterday I woke up with a like flu type of sickness... I couldn't eat and just felt yucky all day... to try and make it go away I pretty much slept all day long... which helped a little but I was still sick... I ended up not eating anything yesterday and so I woke up this morning as hungry as could be.. I hate that feeling... Anyway just thought I would share how much I strongly dislike being sick....

Sunday, February 3, 2008


Kyle and I have a beautiful little girl named Allison Kelley! She is our pride and joy! She makes each and every day exciting! We have been very blessed to have such and amazing daugther!

So A couple weeks ago Allison got a bunch of new dresses from her Grandma Ellsworth and so we decided to try them out! Doesn't she remind you of a Doll!

Also, today we were able to put Allison's hair up in pigtails! Then we added little red ribbon to match the dress!

We love our little PRINCESS!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

What a DAY!

So today's been and interesting one. Kyle got up early this morning to go help some guys from our ward shovel the sidewalks around the church for Gordon B. Hinckley's funeral. I got up an hour or so later and got dressed to have Kyle come home a few moments later. We than got a phone call from my parents discussing business options for the year. The phone call end as the funeral began. We sat and watched the funeral up until the time they stopped filming so the family could have there time. It was a great funeral! It's really nice to see how many people's lives he touched and how loved he is. I found myself crying as if he were my own family. What a wonderful man! I will miss him but look forward to what's coming! After the funeral we ended up having lunch and getting Allison dressed (it was a late day for her due to the funeral). After lunch Kyle had to run to drum lessons. Kyle picked up his first client in Utah for drum lessons today and I'm very excited for him! It will get him back to playing on a regular basis and I know how much he missed playing! While Kyle was gone Allison and I tried cleaning up the house until she couldn't handle it any longer and so Mommy and Daughter watched a movie until Daddy got home! Once Kyle got home I had to go to work! Yeah I know on a Saturday evening... I had a tenant move out last week and a new one moving in this Tuesday and so by brother and I went to clean it! I can't beleive how people can live in such nasty conditions. We always have the apartments cleaned for the tenants but it's up to them from there out to keep the apartment clean and you would think they would but this couple was NASTY!!! Well we ended up cleaning the majority of the apartment this evening but will need to go back Monday to clean the kitchen and floors... Once those are done the apartment should be back into tip top shape! So I come home to have to clean my own house and after cleaning someone elses filth you really just want to shower and relax but I HAVE to clean it because I promised Kyle I would clean the other day and it just never got completed! It just feels like all I ever do is CLEAN!!! I bet most women feel this way... So cleaned the house. Dinner well not making any since I didn't have time so PIZZA it is! Kyle's off to the store so he can get the snacks he wants for Super Bowl Sunday!!! End off the evening with hanging out playing games and messing up everything that I just cleaned to have to do it again tomorrow!!!