Sunday, February 3, 2008


Kyle and I have a beautiful little girl named Allison Kelley! She is our pride and joy! She makes each and every day exciting! We have been very blessed to have such and amazing daugther!

So A couple weeks ago Allison got a bunch of new dresses from her Grandma Ellsworth and so we decided to try them out! Doesn't she remind you of a Doll!

Also, today we were able to put Allison's hair up in pigtails! Then we added little red ribbon to match the dress!

We love our little PRINCESS!


Eric, Kait & Tink said...

Missed you tonight! How was the superbowl with all the guys? Hehe Allison looks so CUTE!! I love this dress! And the ponytails, too. What a little sweetie. She's my little dancing partner. Can't wait to get a groove going with that girl again, hehe. That little girl can move! Just like her Mama! Love ya, Heather!

Elizabeth J. said...

So cute! What a beautiful dress. I can't believe how grown up she looks.

I have been meaning to comment on the dancing videos. Those are HILARIOUS! She really knows how to get down!