Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Somethings going Down!

The other evening I was on my out to do a checkout with a tenant when I got an emergency call from another tenant stating that there is a fight going on in a apartment close by. I told them that I would be down in a few. I called up some people who could go with me to one watch my daughter two make sure they knew I was not alone and three because I was scared! We got to the apartment complex to hear the yelling come from the top floor. The apartment was completely shut all windows closed blinds down and door shut. We heard two people fights and saying f this f that. I think you get the idea. Well another set of my tenants came home and we walked over to them to talk to them. Once we starting talking with this couple the two individuals came outside and started to yell and scream and make a scene. A few moments later another individual joined the argument. It was at that time that the three of us said that was enough drove away and we called 911. I drove around the block and came back to have three cop cars in front of the complex and the police at the tenants door. We found out one person left between the time we drove off and the police pulled up and the other two involved went back into there separate apartments. Police questioned both people... basically two people got into an argument about work or whatever ended up taking it outside and a third person got involved who shouldn't have. So that was the other evening. This morning we woke up to a phone call from one of the individuals involved yelling and screaming at us saying that we made everything up and that nothing happened last night. I don't know if this person was just so drunk that they cant remember or if they are just trying to get out of something. I'm not to sure but either way I'm kind of tired of it all!


Kaitlin Reed said...

Oh wow! Heather, that's sounds bad! That's too bad you had to deal with that, but I am glad you were able to get three cop cars over there, lol. Only in Provo would three cops be sent to deal with something like that and be able to get there that fast! I was amazed when I used to have to call the police due to shoplifters at the Buckle how fast they would show up! haha That was fun reading that post. Keep posting! I enjoy reading!

burton said...

Hey Heather is Christy I have a blogg its kcburton.blogspot.com keep in tough

Kaitlin Reed said...

I am just hosting the party, my friend at work is a consultant for it! It's way fun and the tankinis are so cute and modest! I am glad you can come! I will definately remind you thru text, hehe. Let me know what I can do to help with the bridal shower for Mem!