Friday, March 14, 2008

Staying Busy

So I know that I haven't posted anything since the end of February and so I felt it time to update everyone...

Since the last post this is what's been going on...

Thursday the second to last day of February we left to go to California

Friday we pretty much just relaxed. Kyle went out with his dad while Allison and I went and hung out with Grandma Kelley and the cousins. We ended up going to the park and just having a blast! Later that evening we dropped Allison off at her other grandparents house to spend the night... YES she made it through the night!

Saturday Allison spent the day with her grandma and grandpa Ellsworth at Knott's Berry Farm while Kyle and I hung out with Debbie and Mike. It was a nice relaxing day until I saw the puppy! (I'm dying to get a puppy!!! But can't get one until we get a fence and 10 years down the road when Kyle will actually allow it) Anyway we went out to dinner with both families and that's another story of it's own!

Sunday was the whole reason why we went down to California it was baby Bodies blessing! We went and saw baby Bodie get blessed took a few pictures and that was about it we took off back to Utah. (Bodie is so cute! He makes me want another little one!)

Monday we went right back to work Kyle had to go finish painting a house he had been working on before we left to California so he went to work on that while I went to work on EPM and all my many appointments I had scheduled.

Tuesday I had more appointments to sign contracts and show people homes and so forth while Kyle yet again went to paint that house! At the same time of painting the house Kyle was working on another problem we ran into while in California. (we had a basement flood out and needed to be redone)

And that is pretty much how Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday went...

We did do a couple fun things.. We took Allison to the library for the first time and got a few movies for her. We also took Allison to Chuck E Cheese (well she actually went twice in one week once with mommy and another time with her uncle and roommates for a birthday party) I took Allison around to lots of different pet stores so she could see all the different animals! As well as a few other fun things...

This past week we pretty much works like usual! Kyle got 2 houses all painted and finished for the people to move in... We are now working on a basement of EPM's that flooded out and will need to be rebuilt. Since Daddy and Mommy have been working so much these past few weeks and Allison has been so good we decided it was time to take her to ToyRUs for her to pick out a few toys... Well while there her daddy felt like a kid again and picked himself out a little something while mommy had a blast looking at all the outside pools and toy houses... Allison ended up coming out with a keyboard set, bubbles, art table and a few other small toys! Her daddy spoiled her and she LOVES her toys!

So since Allison got her day of being spoiled I felt that it was okay for me to go out and have a little fun so my friend Kim invited me out to go get our nails done. We ended up going buying a pair of shoes, getting a pedicure, manicure and lunch! It was lots of fun and Allison was able to come with us and enjoy the festivities! She was even able to get her nails painted too!

So there's the update!

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burton said...

Sounds like you had fun in california! How is your mom and dad doing? Miss ya