Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy New Years 2011

We had a ton of fun celebrating the New Year. We had Loren Marshall family and Clayton Romberg family over... All the kids played up in the toy room, watched How to Train Your Dragon then Abbigail, Zack and Lyla went down to bed while Allison and Noah played into 2011 in the toy room... The adults played games all night and started 2011 off with a Dancing game on the Kinect... Here's some pictures... Sonya, Loren, Me, Kyle, Kristie and Clayton in 2010...
Not to sure about this one... I would expect this from Loren since he drank the most but CLAYTON???
2011 again...
Another picture of us ringing in 2011
The girls woke up and as I was preparing breakfast (aebleskiver's) they decided it would be nice to have Kristie's brownies instead... Thanks Kristie they loved the brownies... Not my choice for a breakfast food but they loved it... haha
HAPPY 2011!!!!!

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas... Since there's a ton of pictures I'll keep the writing to a minimum... Hope you enjoy...
SANTA CAME!!!! This is the living room prior to the girls getting up.
Kyle and I woke the girls up around 8 AM...
Abbigail with her Santa gift and her stocking... She loved all the CANDY!!!!
Allison with the bike Santa brought her...
This year with us being out home we did a ton of Skyping... The reason why we were up by 8 am was to prepare for my brother's call. He is currently serving an LDS mission in Iceland and his favorite person to talk to is Allison... So he made sure to give her a call... It was really good seeing him and talking with him for a little bit.. He comes home sometime in May or June this year! (can't wait)
After talking with my brother we Skyped with Kyle's parents and opened up all our gifts in front of them. Here's Kyle opening up one of his gifts from his parents.
After opening gifts with Grandma and Grandpa Kelley we called up Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth and opened all our gifts in front of them. After we opened up all the gifts with them we Skyped with my Ahma (Grandma) and Aunt Joy and opened up the gifts they got us as well. So as you can tell we did a TON of Skyping which made opening gifts a long processes but it was fun being able to share the time with all of our family members. Thank you everyone for all the fun gifts..
After all the Skyping was done we had the girls open the gifts Kyle and I got the girls... Abbigail opening her baby doll
Allison opening her gift
Even though he's not born yet we made sure not to forget baby boy Kelley... had his own stocking with socks, a few onesies and mittens... (just starting to get a few things as we are not prepared for little boys around this house) Kyle sporting his son's BYU onesie.
Allison with all her presents from Christmas... If you can't tell Grandma's and Grandpa's on both sides really do spoil these girls...
Abbigail with all her new toys... Again she got spoiled with tons of gifts...
Christmas Dinner... Overall we had a wonderful Christmas this year and hope you did too.. Thank you for all the fun gifts!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Eve

Christmas eve usually consists of the Kelley tradition of going to celebrate Christmas with Great Grandma Kelley. I was honestly really sad about not being able to do this tradition this past year but Kyle's cousin Loren was nice enough to invite us to join his family for Christmas eve. So thank you Loren and Sonya we had a lot of fun!
We started the night with an Ellsworth tradition of opening 1 gift and that gift is ALWAYS pajamas. Here are the girls with their Christmas eve gifts.
Girls opening the gifts
Allison and Abbigail showing off their Christmas pajamas
Kyle showing off his Christmas pajama pants
My Christmas pajamas!
After opening our Christmas pajamas off we went to Loren and Sonya's.. Here's Abbigail at the little kids table eating dinner
Allison at her table eating dinner
After dinner we all went out Christmas caroling... Kyle and Abbigail
More Christmas Caroling
After Christmas caroling we came back and did the nativity... We tried to get a group shot of all the kids and this was the best I could get
Another picture of the kids
Allison and Lyla.. These two were so cute sitting together.
My silly Abbigail
My girls at the end of the night...

BYU Basketball

Now that BYU Football season is over it's now time for BYU Basketball... Kyle tries not to miss a single BYU basketball game... for example the team was down in Texas for a tournament and it wasn't being aired on the regular channels so Kyle called and ordered the channel so he could watch all the games.. now that the team is back home they played two games at the Marriott center that were not being aired on t.v. so Kyle bought tickets and went to both games.. The girls and I went to the first game with him but skipped the second as Allison and Abbigail were both down for naps... Allison was NOT happy that daddy didn't wake her up to go... So Kyle owes her and will need to take her to another home game...
Kyle and his girls at the game
We sat in the student section.. It was tons of fun being with all the students.. plus only $5 per ticket doesn't hurt but boy it would sure be nice to have an actual chair to sit in and not a bench...
Adam and Loren came with us too
Allison being funny...
Abbigail ended up falling asleep! (hence why the chair would have been nice)
Allison after the game
Loren after the game
The Kelley Family after the game!

Let it Snow

The week before Christmas while Grandma and Grandpa Kelley were still in town we woke up to all this beautiful white snow...
Before the snow plows...
Measuring how much snow we got over night
Kyle measuring the snow and shoveling the steps
Allison has always wanted to make a snowman but all of our snow storms just didn't bring enough snow or the snow that did fall was always so wet the we could never make one.. Well today was the day and they didn't just make a snowman they made a snow GIANT... Here's Kyle just starting the base of the snow giant as Abbigail and Allison played in the snow
Kyle taking a break from the snowman to play with the girls and watch Abbigail taste the snow for the first time!
Kyle and the girls out in the snow... Allison trying to roll the base of the snowman..
They had tons of fun making the snowman and playing out in the snow but after a few hours of being in the cold and after losing a scarf, a glove and a hat I think Allison was happy to come inside.

Grandma and Grandpa Kelley

With this Christmas being a last minute stay at home celebration we had to do a majority of our shopping online... but Grandma and Grandpa Kelley were nice enough to come up the week of Christmas and visit with us as well as drop off ALL our gifts from both sides of the family... While here we did some more last minute Christmas shopping, dinner at Tucano's to celebrate our December birthday's and lots more fun.. Enjoy the pictures...
The night Grandma and Grandpa Kelley arrived... Grandma and Grandpa always come with gifts... Here's Abbigail trying on one of her new outfits/costumes...
Here's Allison with her new dress on...
Abbigail again with her cat costume
Another one... It was just too cute and too funny to see her in the costume!
The girls with Grandma and Grandpa Kelley
Grandma and Grandpa Kelley
The girls painting the pots for their great grandparents...
Me helping the girls paint
Grandma Kelley helping the girls paint
Thank you again Grandma and Grandpa Kelley for all the fun and for coming up to visit with us right before Christmas!