Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Here is how our day/night went:

Allison was Cinderella!

Close up of Cinderella

At 3:00PM we met up with Mario (my cousin Nick) at his work party for Omniture

Mario and Cinderella
Nick and Allison

All of us waiting for Eric to show up! Allison was excited to just start trick or treating!

Allison trick or treating with the wicked with from the Wizard of Oz!
Omniture has different themes all throughout the building and this was the Wizard of Oz themed section!

Allison with the good witch or Galinda (I think that's her name)
Allison really liked her because she looked like a princess!

Kyle, Allison and the Tin Man

Allison started screaming when we got to Dorothy and the Lion! I guess the Lion really scared her cause she wouldn't even take candy from them!

Allison and the scarecrow! Allison actually really like this guy too!
I know all the adults like this guy! He was giving out king sized candy bars to everyone!

Allison's pumpkin at night!
Trick or treating around the neighborhood!
Allison at our neighbors front door waiting from them to answer!
Allison enjoying ALL her candy from trick or treating!

Pumpkin Carving

Allison posing with her pumpkin!
Allison taking care of the top of her pumpkin!

I had to clean out the rest of the pumpkin!

Kyle got the fun and easy job of actually carving the pumpkins face!

Kyle carving the pumpkins face!
The finished product!

Allison posing with her carved pumpkin!

This past Halloween I felt a need to make sure we carved Allison a pumpkin. The reason why I felt that we had to do this was for Allison's first Halloween we carved a pumpkin for each stair leading to our front door. That's like 10 to 15 pumpkins. The following year Allison's second Halloween we went out and bought a pumpkin but didn't get to carving it until after Halloween was all said and done with... (We were so lame last year!) This year I was determined to be a little festive. No we didn't decorate our house or anything but we did carve Allison's pumpkin (before Halloween night) and we did play lots of Halloween music and did a few Halloween ding dong ditching activities. Hopefully next year we will even get more festive and possibly get some decorations for our home!

Kyle's New Toy

Kyle has been looking forward for the release of the G1 for as long as I can remember. Now that it's out he had to have one NOW! I was planning on getting it for him for Christmas but he couldn't wait and ended up ordering it for himself.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Truth about the past few months

Alright I think it's about time to come clean on what has REALLY been happening with the Kelley Klan for the past few months...

Well here it is...


My due date is said to be somewhere around May 11th

We found out early September that we were expecting but didn't really want to say anything until (well I didn't want to say anything until we found out the sex of the baby) later and just wanted to keep it a surprise! Well it would have stayed a surprise but on September 22nd Dale (my brother) and I went to the store to pick up some paint for a work project and I all of a sudden felt as if my water had broke. Well Dale and I went home so I could change and we could call Kyle to see what to do next! When I got home and went to change I found that I had been bleeding! I called Kyle to let him know what was happening and he rushed home to call the doctor. When we got in touch with the doctor he had us come in for an emergency check! He asked me if I was having any tummy pains and so on and pretty much said that it's normal for some women to have slight bleeding but not a lot of bleeding. He ordered that I be on couch rest for the next few weeks until they could get all my tests back and the bleeding stop. Just to be sure the doctor ordered me to have blood work taken as well as have an ultrasound done to make sure everything was okay. The next day we went to Utah Valley Hospital to have the first part of the my blood work done and the ultrasound....


Well Kyle, Allison and I were all there for the ultrasound. We explained to the lady doing the ultrasound that I was pregnant and somewhere around 5 weeks along in my pregnancy and that I was having some bleeding issues. So she started doing the ultrasound and was just doing the usual measurements and all of a sudden she stops gets on the phone calls for another person to come in and help her. The next thing I know Kyle starts laughing and starts asking her questions. I have no clue to what they are seeing or what is going on... so she turns the screen over towards me so I could see what they were seeing. The next thing she says is YOUR HAVING TWINS! I'm in complete shock! Kyle was so excited and Allison was just tired of being there! The other person was called in because she wanted to print pictures of the two babies so we could have pictures of our twins! After the ultrasound was finished Kyle and I both called up our parents to let them in on our big news!

The doctors visit:

The next day we had to go in to see our doctor so he could talk to us about what they had found with the ultrasound. Well of course he noticed that we were having twins but that didn't explain why I was bleeding. He said that they found a hemorrhage and that I had to be sure to keep it easy for the next while until they see improvement. He also sat down with us and talked about the dangers on having twins!

When I was pregnant with Allison I had no problems I had a little morning sickness during my first trimester but it went away and I was as healthy as could be... With this pregnancy as soon as I found out I was pregnant the morning sickness came and STAYED! The problem this time around was I couldn't eat and if I did I couldn't keep it down. Within the first week or so of being pregnant I lost around 8 to 10 lbs and just could not keep anything down. I have no energy to do anything. I can't even pick Allison up! Kyle was left to take care of everything... His job, my job, care for Allison, cook, clean, etc... By the second week of this it was just starting to take it's tole on Kyle and I wasn't doing any better so we called his mom and my mom to come help. Debbie (Kyle's mom) came and stayed with us for about a week an a half to help with around the house and having some homemade meals! After she left my mom came to help for the next week and she made sure that I ate and started to move around a bit more. It was so nice to have our mom's here to help! Thanks for coming and helping! I know Allison loved having her grandmas here to spoil her and spend every moment with them!

Well the day after my mom left October 23 I went in for my actual first pregnancy check up and it was an interested visit to say the least. Since I had been in so many time within the past few months and had a bunch of blood work already taken which they usually do on the first check they kind of didn't know what to do with me. They had me fill out the usual paperwork when your first pregnant and then the doctor did the ultrasound so we could see the babies... Well when he did the ultrasound he could only find one baby... this made me really nervous... so we scheduled to go in to the hospital to get another ultrasound and found out that we now only have one baby. The doctor says that we had what is called the Vanishing Twin Syndrome. Where one twin gets reabsorbed into the mother's body due to unknown reasons. This really hit Kyle and I hard. We were so excited that we were having twins. Kyle I think was just happy that we still had one considering my weight issues. The doctor said that when I go back in four weeks and if I don't make any progress in gaining weight I will have to be put on an IV so that we don't have problems keeping this little one... We found out on October 24th that we were no longer having twins... but the one little baby that we do have is strong and healthy as of now! We are just blessed to know that we are still having one!

It's now November 6th and the weight struggle is still a constant issue! I have been doing a lot better with my eating but just cant seem to gain any weight! I have my next doctors appointment on November 18th and we will see what he says...

So there you go that's what has REALLY been happening with the Kelley Klan over the past few months!