Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

Allison posing with her pumpkin!
Allison taking care of the top of her pumpkin!

I had to clean out the rest of the pumpkin!

Kyle got the fun and easy job of actually carving the pumpkins face!

Kyle carving the pumpkins face!
The finished product!

Allison posing with her carved pumpkin!

This past Halloween I felt a need to make sure we carved Allison a pumpkin. The reason why I felt that we had to do this was for Allison's first Halloween we carved a pumpkin for each stair leading to our front door. That's like 10 to 15 pumpkins. The following year Allison's second Halloween we went out and bought a pumpkin but didn't get to carving it until after Halloween was all said and done with... (We were so lame last year!) This year I was determined to be a little festive. No we didn't decorate our house or anything but we did carve Allison's pumpkin (before Halloween night) and we did play lots of Halloween music and did a few Halloween ding dong ditching activities. Hopefully next year we will even get more festive and possibly get some decorations for our home!

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