Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weight loss with Elizabeth J.

So as a lot of you know Elizabeth J. has been posting her weight loss goals on her blog which has lead to others starting to post there goals... Well I have been in this boat for a LONG time.. About 21 months to be exact (since Allison was born) I thought that the baby fat would just go away and about 20 lbs has... Before becoming pregnant with Allison I weighted in at 115 lbs... When I had Allison I weighted in at 165 lbs. and currently I'm at 145 lbs. I have been in to talk to the doctor to see what advice he has for me for loosing the weight... He put me on oatmeal for breakfast and lunch and then for dinner just eat very small portions and only water! Well... I tried it for like a day and I'm just not that disciplined. I have done well with the water thing but just need to learn to drink more throughout the day... The oatmeal thing I can do it but just need to be better at not adding sugar... and the whole snack thing I just love to snack throughout the day I'm horrible with getting up and eating breakfast and lunch... You would think since I get up and make food for Allison I would eat too but I'm just really bad... I signed up for the gym earlier this year but was really bad at attending with no one to go with... Well now I have someone to go with me... I should have no excuses... So here is my goal (since everyone’s doing it why not join the bandwagon) I want to lose at least another 25 lbs if not 30 lbs. I will keep you updated as time goes by... Everyone else who’s also trying to loose weight good luck and thanks to Elizabeth for inspiring us all

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blog updates

As time has passed I have finally learned how to do stuff on this whole blog thing... Of course I didn't learn it all on my own I had to have help to get this far! I taught myself how to put individual pictures on but the whole slide show thing Kristie and Clayton explained that one to me.. Sorry I'm still working on it... The video clips from youtube took me forever to figure out but I did it! So now you can all keep updated on Allison and her tricks and skills... Then just yesterday Kaitlin finally taught me how to add the links so I can make the list of peoples blog addresses..... I could have probably figured this out a lot sooner if Kyle were to help but he could really careless for these things! But I did it and they are all on besides the picture slide show still working on that.. Next to learn would be how to put music on this thing and personalize the back ground to my own instead of the ones they just make you pick when you first sign up... Thanks to all those who have helped!

Oh yeah If I missed your blog address please let me know!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Allison and her skills

So I knew that Allison knew how to dance but never knew she had skills in escaping...for example the other night we were all sitting down watching TV while Allison was up in her high chair eatting a brownie when all of a sudden we noticed her down at our feet in the living room.. no longer in the kitchen in her high chair... so the next morning we put her in her chair for breakfast and she did it again so Kyle thought it would be a good idea to video tape her escaping from her high chair... so we now know her skills in escaping.. We have posted the escape!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Update Jan 18- Jan 22

This past weekend was a blast!

Ever so often we are able to just get away and have fun... so this past weekend we went down to St. George to visit my grandparents and meet up with my folks... It was nice to meet up with them because we were able to get into the warmer weather and just relax... Well kind of... We left Friday and pretty much traveled all day... Saturday we got up early well some of us (not me) and got dressed to go four wheeling. We ended up four wheeling all day long then coming home to dinner and a house full of family...

Next day woke up sore from head to toe... got dressed for church and went to sacrament meeting came home to prepare for our drive through Zions! We drove through Zions and wow it's really not worth the $25.00 you pay to get in... I know we didn't really go at the best time of year... ALL of the trails were closed... the dumb thing you walk half a mile of a mile long trail and then it tells you that the trail ahead is closed... Why don't they just put the sign at the beginning so that way you don't waste your time and get your hopes up... Just a thought!

We ended our weekend by getting our new car... (you can read Goodbye Car) if you don't know what I'm talking about... We ended up getting a black Toyota Sequoia! i'm pretty excited about it.. I know that it's not Kyles Ford that he's dying for but I know that secretly he's excited about it!

Well for being gone for a few days work really piles up on you! I got back and ended up have 18 voicemails waiting for me plus emails! Well I got back to 16 of those calls and pretty much all the emails as well... The few that I didn't get back to I just really did not want to talk to those people... Then Kyle tells me that I have a meeting with the insurance adjuster and not to let him push me around! Well I go to meet him at 9 this morning and doesnt end up showing until like 9:58 then he goes in and takes a look at the problem ( if you don't know basically a property of ours the basement flooded out due to a pipe bursting due to the tenants stupidity) so anyway went to the meeting and stood around walking in circles while he took his measurements and asking me dumb questions... later that day i started to get texts from someone we will call Gary for now... well that text ended up starting a family problems AGAIN!

Later that evening I was able to meet up with my activity girls! We just ended up sitting around talking painting nails and eatting cookies... I really enjoy hanging out with the girls.. it's just so sad I found out we lost one of the girls to the Young Women's Program... Sad but excited for her!

So that way my weekend and day! Enjoy!

Monday, January 14, 2008

Understanding the BLOG

Okay so I'm on this blog thing and I do like it but I just don't understand how to set these things up... I had the myspace at one point and I mean I put on pictures and I wrote things and people responded but like this blog thing it took me forever to figure out how to put a picture on... I'm trying to figure out how to put on a slideshow of pictures but can't firgure that out... I'm horrible with these things.. Kristie help!

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Well it is official! We went and said good bye to the Toyota 4-runner today.. (well not completely official we still need to sign over the pink slip) I'm so sad... We have lost two cars within 1 week of each other! So to let you know what happened with the 4-runner and why we had to say good bye... December 29 was my friends bridal shower and so my friend Kaitlin and I drove together since we had no clue where we were going... Well on our way home from the bridal shower the car started to make really funny noises... Cars do that sometimes.. I'm not saying is a good thing or normal but they do they make noises it doesnt mean it's going to blow up on you... Well we were on the I-15 coming home and I was trying to pick up speed and was bearly able to keep it at 50 mph. So I tried to kick it into high power gear whatever its called.. well it got me up to 65 mph but after 5 seconds of the it started to lose power... Few seconds later I start to see a little smoke come from the hood not that much where I could tell it was smoke or steam wasnt too sure at first glance... Well Kaitlin who was in the passenger seat started to yell SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE! Well smoke was coming up through the front of the car into the passanger side... I pulled off the freeway and if any of your are familiar with the I-15 I was like 1 Mile away from the 800 North (or is it south) any way I was right there going south bound car just died! Well Kaitlin got out and ran thinking the car was going to catch on fire or something (like in the movies) well I called Kyle (who was sick) he told me to open the hood and explain what was going on.. So I did... forgot to mention I don't know much about cars... But I did my best! Anyway we had two guys spot by to see if we were okay and if someone was on there way to pick us up... one of those guys being an officer.. Nick and Justin came and picked us up dropped Kaitlin off and went to see what was wrong... The car was towed away and has been in the shop ever since... Well Monday or so we found out that the whole engine is gone... A bunch of stuff cracked in it and it's gone... Not worth getting a new engine for how old it is... So we got the approval to get the stuff out of it and it's being sold for the body to a 1990 Toyota 4-runner collector who just rolled one of his and is just going to transfer the engine into ours... I'm sad to see it go...

On the bright side our replacement car is on it's way up to us next weekend!

Let it SNOW!!

So yesterday it had snowed all throughout the night! Well we live in a HOA where they think the know everything! Well in December the HOA President sent out an email to all the home owners in the area stating that the snow might become an issue this winter and wanted to know what we would like to do about it. Well of course I think it's a little silly to plow you live in Utah it snows here duh! Get over it and just live with it. Well a couple in our neighborhood was having a party and demanded for the streets to be plowed so they got plowed well now the HOA is charging all the neighbors for it... I think that's a little silly considering only one person really wanted it... Well back to the main subject the HOA President sent out this email... We had a few older couples wanting it to be plowed for them and then we had a few who didnt want it done what so ever and some who were neither here nor there about it. Well we were the ones who didnt want it this year because it would up our HOA fee's that we had already paid! Any way yesterday the HOA President called and told my husband (who said he would be incharge of calling out the plower in the case it was needed) to schedule for the street to be plowed... Kyle called for the plow to come out but he couldnt come out until the afternoon... meanwhile we had our garbage guy come out and he got stuck on the ice and so now neighbors are upset that the plow didnt come out earlier and so on... Basically I think this is all crazy! I understand the difficulty and frustration it was for the garbage guy but you would think that they would send them out with some kind of chains on there tires or some type of way of them getting out of snow... It's UTAH it SNOWS!!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Signing up with a GYM...

Good gosh... I never knew that it was so difficult to sign up with a gym... A friend and I got into this whole thing a few months ago but she is getting married this weekend and so I need someone new to go with. Well I have a few people interested in signing up but want to see what the best deals are out there.. Well I'm currently at 24 hour which I really do like... But everyone and there mom has passes to Golds... I hate the fact that you have to sign a one to two year contract with Golds... Yes it's cheapers monthly but you have the dumb contract that you have to go by... Also the thing with Golds is you can only use the gyms in the state that signed up in as I have been told... Well so back to the main subject. I'm looking to have my brother sign up to go work out with me... We know that over at 24 I can get his in my family plan for just $30.00 a month with no sign up or processing fees since he will be joining my plan.. I wanted to be sure that this was the best price out there so I called Golds... Heaven forbid they ever give you a price over the phone... Golds will only talk to you in person... That is so dumb in my opinion... I want to make a decision tonight without having to visit every gym in the state why can't they just give you there plans over the phone and not waste everyone's time...

So as you can tell we are going with 24 hour fitness!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Start of the Blog!!!

So we had the pleasure of having Kristie and Clayton over for dinner tonight! We had pizza. Kyle found this new place and wanted to see if it was any good... I don't think he was impressed... Anyways after dinner Kristie needed to get some work done for her interenship... while doing this work she brought to my attention how she had this blog thing and just learned how to really use the options on this thing... so she showed me her page and I thought it was neat so while she was making her copies I decided to get onto the computer and make my own.... Kyle wants to personally thank Kristie for introducting this to me! Well off to play X-box... see ya tomorrow!