Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weight loss with Elizabeth J.

So as a lot of you know Elizabeth J. has been posting her weight loss goals on her blog which has lead to others starting to post there goals... Well I have been in this boat for a LONG time.. About 21 months to be exact (since Allison was born) I thought that the baby fat would just go away and about 20 lbs has... Before becoming pregnant with Allison I weighted in at 115 lbs... When I had Allison I weighted in at 165 lbs. and currently I'm at 145 lbs. I have been in to talk to the doctor to see what advice he has for me for loosing the weight... He put me on oatmeal for breakfast and lunch and then for dinner just eat very small portions and only water! Well... I tried it for like a day and I'm just not that disciplined. I have done well with the water thing but just need to learn to drink more throughout the day... The oatmeal thing I can do it but just need to be better at not adding sugar... and the whole snack thing I just love to snack throughout the day I'm horrible with getting up and eating breakfast and lunch... You would think since I get up and make food for Allison I would eat too but I'm just really bad... I signed up for the gym earlier this year but was really bad at attending with no one to go with... Well now I have someone to go with me... I should have no excuses... So here is my goal (since everyone’s doing it why not join the bandwagon) I want to lose at least another 25 lbs if not 30 lbs. I will keep you updated as time goes by... Everyone else who’s also trying to loose weight good luck and thanks to Elizabeth for inspiring us all

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Elizabeth J. said...

It's so great that we are all in on this together. If I would have known how motivating blogging about it would be, than I would have posted it a long time ago!

Thanks for your post - you are helping me more than you know!