Thursday, January 10, 2008

Let it SNOW!!

So yesterday it had snowed all throughout the night! Well we live in a HOA where they think the know everything! Well in December the HOA President sent out an email to all the home owners in the area stating that the snow might become an issue this winter and wanted to know what we would like to do about it. Well of course I think it's a little silly to plow you live in Utah it snows here duh! Get over it and just live with it. Well a couple in our neighborhood was having a party and demanded for the streets to be plowed so they got plowed well now the HOA is charging all the neighbors for it... I think that's a little silly considering only one person really wanted it... Well back to the main subject the HOA President sent out this email... We had a few older couples wanting it to be plowed for them and then we had a few who didnt want it done what so ever and some who were neither here nor there about it. Well we were the ones who didnt want it this year because it would up our HOA fee's that we had already paid! Any way yesterday the HOA President called and told my husband (who said he would be incharge of calling out the plower in the case it was needed) to schedule for the street to be plowed... Kyle called for the plow to come out but he couldnt come out until the afternoon... meanwhile we had our garbage guy come out and he got stuck on the ice and so now neighbors are upset that the plow didnt come out earlier and so on... Basically I think this is all crazy! I understand the difficulty and frustration it was for the garbage guy but you would think that they would send them out with some kind of chains on there tires or some type of way of them getting out of snow... It's UTAH it SNOWS!!!

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Mr. Mustachio said...

They are called "Utards" for a reason.