Monday, May 9, 2011

Mini Golf

On Saturday April 16th Kyle took the girls and Grandma Kelley mini golfing before heading up to the airport to drop off Grandma Kelley.
They're just too cute...

The girls with Grandma Kelley

Kyle helping Abbigail golf

Kyle golfing with the girls

Abbigail roaming

Allison golfing...

I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful mother in law. She's always been there for Kyle and I and our little family whenever we've needed her! I love and appreicate her so much! Thank you Debra for everything you do for me and my family! I love you!


The day after we got home we took Troy in to get his Bili rubin tests done. After we got done with the blood tests we ended up going out to get some newborn clothes as we didn't have enough for him. While there I got a call from our doctors office stating that Troy's bili levels were really high and that he would need to be placed under the lights. They instructed us to go home and wait for the hospital to bring a bili bed and bili blanket for him. The doctors office told us that Troy needed to stay under the lights 24/7 in order for his bili level to come down. If it didn't go down they said that they would need to hospitalize him.. I've never had a baby with such high bili levels that honestly it scared me a bit so we rushed home and did everything the doctors office instructed. He stayed in the bili bed and bili blanket from Thursday to Monday. We tested him on Tuesday and said that it was going down a bit and by Monday they said that it had gone down to a 9.5 and as long as it was under a 10 we could take him off the lights.. I hated the lights.. it's so sad not to be able to hold your baby and snuggle with him but I'm very grateful that it was only for those few days.

Welcome Home

Troy and I came home Tuesday April 12 right around 1:00 Pm. Kyle came to pick us up from the hospital and bring us home! The girls were at home with Grandma Kelley. When we got to the house the girls came running out to greet us. Allison brought us inside to show us all the gifts and fun things they've been up to the past few days with Grandma.
Allison holding Troy

Our Welcome Home Sign

Abbigail holding Troy

Mommy and Troy

Mommy and the kiddos

Allison and Troy his first morning home

All the Kelley Kids

the kids again

Troy Allan

Monday, May 2, 2011


This is just a test..

So I was having some issues with blogger and not being able to post my blog posts so Kyle fixed a few things and used this as the "test" post... I was suppose to delete it but forgot and this posting has probably gotten more comments on it than anything else I've done.. haha