Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Abbigail

Sorry the pictures a out of order but you can at least see what she did for her day!
This is Abbigail when she first woke up that morning. She was very happy and snugly.

Abbigail with all her toys
Abbigail playing with her microphoneAbbigail all cleaned up after eating cake and now ready to open some gifts
I think she was a little thirsty?

After a little coaching she finally dug in a little...Mommy had to put some frosting on her lips to show her it tasted good!Allison and mommy helping Abbigail blow out her candle.
I love that she still sucks her thumb!
Her very own cake

Our cupcakesAll of Abbigails guestsAbbigail with her balloonAbbigail in the morning with AllisonAbbigail with her daddyOne of Abbigails MANY bathsAbbigails dinner

Sorry again for the pictures all being out of order. Abbigail had lots of fun on her birthday and enjoyed all her friends and gifts! Happy Birthday baby girl!

Two peas in a pod

These two are the cutest little ones EVER!!! Allison and Abbigail do practically everything together! Allison is such a great big sister to Abbigail! She loves being a big sister and helping Abbigail play and figure things out! Abbigail is a great little sister! She adores Allison and tries so very hard not to get frustrated and BITE!!! I'm so blessed to be the mother of these two little ones and I'm loving each and every moment I have with them.

Allison pictures

Here are just a bunch on pictures of Allison through the past few months... She is growing up way to fast! I love this little girl!

Abbigail throughout April and May

Here are just a bunch of pictures of Abbigail throughout the months of April and May. As you can tell she has a very fun personality and is hard to ignore she's just too darn cute!