Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Happy Valentines Day!
Valentines day at the Kelley home is very relaxed. Kyle and I have come to the conclusion that we love each other everyday and so we don't need one day to celebrate our love so we really don't do anything different or special for Valentines day. The day was pretty much just Allison and I at home doing fun activities while Daddy was out showing clients some homes!
Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth's Valentines Day card to Allison!
Allison was so excited because she says she got "$100 dollars from Grandma and Grandpa"
Kyle and I got Allison some princess chocolates for Valentines Day.
Later that day after getting Allison all cleaned up we decided it would be fun to make Valentines Day cupcakes!
Allison had fun cracking all the eggs and mixing everything together!
Allison posing with her cupcake mix!
While the cupcakes were in the oven Allison thought it would be fun to do so water painting!
During her water painting activity Daddy came home and brought Allison a package from Grandma and Grandpa Kelley.
We were really shocked to see that Grandma and Grandpa would send Allison an Olympus camera! Only to find when she opened up the box a princess crown, jelly beans and card.
Allison looking at Grandma's Valentines card with the "Princess on it"
Allison LOVED the crown! She even thought it was cooler once she found out that the top lit up!
After the present and the water painting activity and the clay activity Allison found her finger paints! I tried to hide them the best I could but she found them and couldn't wait to try them out!
So we made sure to change outfits (3rd one of the day) so that she could get paint on her and no ruin any of her good clothing...
Surprisingly she was very clean with her finger paints unlike last time she finger painted.
Allison showing off her hand and all her paint!
Our finished product with our cupcakes!
Later that night we had a small family dinner. After dinner my cousin Nick came over to hang out and we just watched the NBA all star dunk thing and ate our cupcakes! It was a very fun and relaxing day!
I am very grateful and very blessed to have Kyle as my husband and father to my children! I love him with all my heart and am so excited that I get to spend eternity with him! I don't need one day to celebrate our love. We celebrate our love everyday by just doing the little things to show each other that we care for one another and love each other. I love you Kyle Kelley!
Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Birthday LOVE!!!

Kyle's birthday this year was Friday February 13th but we used the whole week to pretty much celebrate his birthday! The celebration began the Tuesday before Kyle's birthday when I was out shopping for his birthday gift and thought it would be fun to get everyone together and go out for dinner at Tucanos. We always celebrate our birthdays at Tucanos because they send out our birthday card for a free meal. So Tuesday night a bunch of friends and family joined us at Tucanos to celebrate Kyle's birthday. Then on Thursday Kyle and I decided it would be fun to go out just us and celebrate his birthday. So we went to Red Robin for lunch and celebrated his birthday again! Friday rolled around and Kyle's only request was for it to be as relaxing as possible. Well that's didn't happen! Kyle got a call that morning from one of his tenants saying that they had a leak... So of course Kyle went out to get it fixed. After he finished all the things he needed to get done for work later that evening we had a few people over for dinner and cake. Over all I think he had a pretty good birthday! Here are some pictures from Friday night:
Every year for Kyle's birthday I make him a mud pie cake. This year Kyle was just not into having a birthday cake but I insisted that he HAD to have a cake! So he started joking around and asked me to make him the "better than sex" cake so that's what I did! I think he liked having something different!
Here I am lighting Kyle's candles! The hand in the front of the picture is Clayton Romberg. Allison and Travis Raymond sitting in the back. (Here is a picture of me pregnant for those who have been requesting them! I was 27 weeks pregnant at the time this picture was taken)
Kyle, Travis and Allison! Allison loves blowing out candles so as soon as I had finished lighting the candles she decided it would be fun to blow them out! So we had to be sure Kyle was super close to his cake after I lit the candles for a second time!
Kyle and Allison blowing out the birthday candles!
Allison blowing out the last candle that Kyle left for her!
Kyle's tie that he requested for his birthday!
X-box games!!!
Kyle's birthday present from his folks... WONDER WHAT IT IS.....
TOOLS!!!! Exactly what Kyle wanted! He was so excited!!!
Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Kyle's 27th Birthday!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Is that for me????"

It all started the a few weeks ago when I went to get the mail and Allison saw that one of my letters from tenant of mine had a Sleeping Beauty postage stamp on it! She automatically thought that because there was a princess on the envelope that it was for her! When I told her that it was mommy's she got so sad! So I put out a little note on facebook that Allison wanted some letters of her own. Here is what Allison got:
Allison first received some letters from her Aunt Cyndi and cousins...
This was a letter from her cousin Karyssa! Allison was so excited about all the stickers on the envelope!
From her cousin Bryan!
Aunt Cyndi sent Allison a picture/letter. Allison loved the picture! She would not let anyone else look at it for days! She also had some stickers in the envelope that she has already put to great use!
From Grandma/Grandpa Ellsworth
From Grandma/Grandpa Kelley
Grandma and Grandpa Kelley sent Allison a Barbie color/sticker book! I got some really great video clips of her opening the present and saying "is that for me???"
Allison attempting to open the envelope from G/G Ellsworth
Daddy ended up having to help Allison!
Grandma and Grandpa Ellsworth gave Allison a Wonder Pets color/sticker book!

I guess Grandparents think a lot a like or just really know that Allison loves to color and loves to play with stickers! I have been picking up stickers for weeks! I find little stickers on the bottom of Kyle's shoes all the time! It's really cute!
Allison also received a package from my cousin Katie and her family that had a bunch of Valentines day candies!!! Allison loved the candies and heart pictures! Her cousin Jonas also sent her an envelope with a super cute letter in it and a beautiful butterfly picture!
Thank you everyone for all those who sent letters/packages! You really made Allison's day! I have posted a few video clips of Allison! They are off to the left of the page under "Allison Video's" feel free to take a look! I have a few more that I'm trying to get uploaded but for some reason they are not wanting to work with me! They are all up on YouTube under h2kelley!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Family Picture

Allison loves to color! The other day Allison asked me to draw a picture for her so I did the easiest thing and drew a picture of our family. I of course had Daddy in the picture, mommy with a purse, Allison with a purse and then I decided to add baby with a purse. I gave the picture over to Allison and she could not get over the fact that baby sister was in the picture. She was so excited about it. She just kept saying this is my sister, that is my sister. I just love Allison! She bring so much joy into our lives. I couldn't imagine our lives without little Allison! I'm super excited for this new baby to join our family and see how she will change things around here!

Baby NOW!!!

All of my updates tonight are pretty much on how cute Allison is...

If people don't know by now I'm pregnant and around my 27th week mark and I try to talk to Allison about baby so that it's not as much of a surprise to her when there is another little girl around the house... Allison has known for a while now that mommy has a baby in her tummy and that Allison can talk to her and say hello. Well tonight Allison and I were talking about the baby again and she usually starts out the same...

Allison: "baby in your tummy"
Mommy: "Yeah sister in mommy's tummy"
Allison: "Sister in mommy's tummy"
Mommy: "yeah in mommy's tummy"
Allison: "I WANT BABY NOW"
Mommy: "baby needs to stay in mommy's tummy a little longer"
Allison: "I want to hold baby now!!!"

It's just super cute that she is so interested in the baby and that she is showing excitement about the baby coming.

"Allison Kelley"

Allison has become very interested in her name... Two stories....

The other day I was working on the computer to have Allison come up and ask for help spell her name. So we got a piece of paper and I had her sitting on my lap and I wrote out her name. We went over and said each letter as we wrote the letter with me helping her write out the letters. After she got the hang of that I told her it was her turn to do it on her own. So she started to do it on her own but lost interest real quick and asked for me to help her again... At least she is finding some interest in learning how to spell her name!

As you know now she is interested in her name... Well one night she was running around and yelling her first name when finally her uncle Dale asked her "Allison what is your full name?" to my shock Allison answers him with "Allison Kelley!" It's not her full name but it's pretty darn close! I'm just excited that she knows her first and last name! We will just have to work with her on her middle...

Good Bye Verizon... Hello T-Mobile

Felt like updating a bit... I have finally made my way over to T-Mobile. I have been with Verizon since I was 17. Kyle switched over to Verizon (he was originally with T-mobile) when we got married so we could be on the same service but switched back to T-Mobile when he got his job with Century 21 Bushnell and gave up his 909 number and all... he has been with T-Mobile and an 801 number for the past 3 years and has nothing but good things to say about his experience with T-Mobile. I stayed with Verizon since my phone is a business phone and is paid by the business (my dad) and they are all on Verizon. They have finally given into what Kyle has been saying and have all pretty much made their way over to T-Mobile besides one. I still haven't given up my 909 number and don't know if I ever will.. I guess it's my only way of holding onto California. Now I just need to pick my favorite 5...