Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crafts with Grandma Ellsworth

While Grandma Ellsworth was up visiting us the girls really wanted to do some crafts and so Grandma Ellsworth took the girls out to the craft store and ended up getting a bunch of fun crafts. They made Easter chocolate suckers (which I didn't get a picture of). They also made flower pots and a stepping stone.
Grandma Ellsworth really loved the flower pots that the girls made their great grandparents that she wanted one for herself.

Allison painting one of the flower pots

Abbigail getting help painting her flower pot

The stepping stone that Grandma Ellsworth wanted to make for her garden.

The flower pot that Allison painted

Abbigails flower pot. Thanks mom for going out and doing all this with the girls. They had a ton of fun!


This past Easter we were able to have my mom here to celebrate it with us. It was a lot of fun having her here and helping with Troy and the girls as well as everything else!
Allison with her eggs.
Easter morning Allison woke up so excited to go find all the eggs and her basket. She was a great big sister and helped Abbigail and Troy find their baskets. Allison finding her basket. The Easter Bunny hides her basket in the same spot every year...

Troy and I with Troy's Easter basket

Abbigail finding her Easter basket

Troy's first Easter

Kyle helping the girls with their baskets.

Allison helping Abbigail find Easter eggs during their hunt.

Abbigail, Allison and Troy in their Easter best.

Abbigail with her Easter bunny

Abbigail wanted to color but ended up coloring all over herself instead of the paper.

Our Easter feast thanks to Kyle and my mom.

It was a wonderful Easter.

Troy Meets family

Grandma Ellsworth meeting Troy for the first time!
My Aunt Joy and Ahma (Grandmother) meeting Troy for the first time

Ahma holding Troy

Ahma and Troy

Grandma Ellsworth with all her Grandchildren.

Kyle, Aunt Joy, Allison, Troy, Grandma Ellsworth and Ahma

Abbigail all knocked out

Mommy and Troy sleeping