Sunday, June 13, 2010

Allison turns 4!!!!

Allison turned 4 on May 23, 2010.
Allison woke up early that morning to get her first present of the day.
Daddy, Mommy and Abbigail got Allison a pink bracelet.
Allison wearing her new bracelet
Allison posing!
Allison's favorite dish is Macaroni and Cheese so Kyle decided that he wanted to do a Macaroni dinner. I stayed up until 4 Am cooking all the dishes so they would be ready for the next day.
Allison posing with her birthday cake. She requested that her cake be PINK!
Kyle got Allison some really cook candles. She would blow them out and they would MAGICALLY relight. She loved it!
Allison trying again to blow the candles out.
I think she finally got all the candles to STAY out after 4 or 5 times.
Allison opening her first gifts of the night. She got Barbie plate, bowl and cup. Which she loved.
Allison's friend Autumn made her a necklace.
Allison got LOTS of kites....
and outside toys....
She also got computer games, hop ball, sea monkeys, clothes and church toys.....
After everyone left she asked if she could have her lollipop. Which I said she could have at the table. About 20 minutes later we checked on Allison to find her CRASHED on the table with lollipop stuck to her face. This kid had a blast. She loved all her gifts and loved playing with all her friends and cousins.
Thank you all for making this day a special one for Allison!

Best 5 Years EVER!!!

May 14, 2010 was our five year anniversary.
Allison took this picture of Kyle and I.
Kyle surprised me with these beautiful flowers and a special night out. He arranged for some babysitters to watch the girls for a few hours so Kyle and I could actually go out on a date by ourselves. We went to the Chef's Table and it was AMAZING!
These are the desserts we ordered
These past five years with Kyle have been the best! Kyle's the best husband I could ever ask for! I love you Kyle Zachariah Kelley! I'm so grateful we get to spend eternity together!

Allison's 1st dance recital

Allison's dance class ended the first week of May. She had her dance recital up on the BYU campus in the large dance hall. She did AMAZING!

After her dance recital she found two special guests waiting for her outside with a flower and chalk. My Ahma (grandma) and Aunt Joy were in town from California and were able to watch Allison in her first dance recital.