Sunday, February 27, 2011


Okay I'm looking for your opinion's here...

I'm starting to think it's time to start potty training with Abbigail.. here's a few reason's why:

1. She loves wearing Allison's underwear.. She will find Allison's underwear in her drawer or in the clean clothes on the couch and put them on.
2. Ever since she turned 1 she likes to sit on the toilet and "try" to go on the toilet and she also likes to wipe herself.. She's gone a few times on the toilet
3. She's now to the point where she's starting to take off her own diaper after she's wet... Thank goodness she hasn't done it with the other...

So what do you think? She'll be 2 in May... Do you think she's ready or do you think it's still a little to early..


As most of you know we are HUGE BYU fans... I don't think we ever miss a game (football or basketball)... We normally watch all the games from the comfort of our own home but this past week our neighbor who happens to be the BYU basketball coach gave us 4 tickets to the BYU vs. CSU game... THANK YOU DAVE!!!! I loved going to the game... I've gone to a few games in the past but they're just the $5 tickets and so we are always sitting with the students on the benches... Don't get me wrong it was still fun to go those times but being pregnant it's not fun sitting on the benches and the students stand the ENTIRE game so it made it a little difficult at times to see so again THANK YOU DAVE!!!! We were able to sit just 8 rows up behind the team and in the chairs (YAY)... It was so much fun and I could actually see the entire game... I loved it...
Us girls in our BYU gear...
Allison getting ready to leave
Abbigail in the car ready to go
Us after the game!!!
Again a huge THANK YOU Dave Rose family for the tickets! We also need to thank the Ringer's (our other neighbors that we sat with) son in law who caught the BYU ball and gave it to Allison.. Thank you!!!

Happy Birthday Kyle

This year Kyle turned 29 years old!!! Crazy to think that next year he'll be 30.... This year was a very nice and relaxing birthday for Kyle (at least I think so)... Usually for birthday's we do a big birthday party or dinner or something huge to celebrate.. this year Kyle made a request to just keep it small and not do a party so I respected his wish and didn't do a surprise party or invite anyone over... It was just Kyle and his girls at home relaxing.. Since his birthday was on a Sunday we got up went to church then came home and just let Kyle sleep the rest of the day...
Kyle's birthday cake... (better of the best cake or better than sex cake) he made a special request to have this cake and I'm so glad he did because I usually make him an ice cream cake and this was so much easier for me to make so THANK YOU KYLE!!!!
Blowing out the candles...
Kyle with his two girls
Kyle opening gifts
I'm so happy to married to this amazing man! He's the best husband, friend and father! I could not imagine my life without him in it and I'm so glad that he picked me to spend his eternity with! I love you Kyle Zachariah Kelley!!!!

Baby Boy Kelley

January 2011
This was from our last ultrasound with the specialist in January...

Okay so I've noticed that I really haven't blogged much about being pregnant.. I went back and I think the last time I blogged about it was like in November or December when things were crazy and they didn't know what was going on... well as most of you know I've had a blood clot and so I've been having to go see my doctor as well as a specialist at the hospital. I go in to see my doctor each month to do the normal check ups and then each month I have to go in to see the specialist. The specialist will do an ultrasound and will take measurements to see how the babies growth is coming along just to make sure that things are going well with him. Then they will measure my clot to see if there's been any progress with that. In December there was not much progress and so they kept me down. In January we went back in and they noticed that the clot had shrunk a bit and so they gave me the green light to start moving about a bit more and getting back to my daily activities. As for me I've been feeling well throughout the entire pregnancy. I did have my usual nausea the 1st trimester but not nearly as bad as it was when I was pregnant with the girls... It was just a different kind of nausea... smells did not bother me as much as they did while pregnant with the girls. So minus the whole blood clot I think it's been a pretty good pregnancy. I'm now 8 months along and now to the point where I see my doctor every other week so we're getting closer... I also go in tomorrow to see the specialist so we'll have to see what they have to say...

I'm very excited to be expecting our first little boy!!! I'm also very nervous as I've never raised a boy and I'm just use to everything girl... but even with that I'm super excited for him to be here and I just can't wait to hold him in my arms... As for his name we're still not 100% sure of a name. We do have a few in mind but we will not be telling anyone any time soon!!! You will all just have to wait until he arrives...

I just can't wait any longer can't it be April already????


A year or so ago Allison decided to help mom and dad clean the house by getting a bottle of tilex bleach out and bleach the floors... She ended up bleaching the stairs, Abbigails bedroom, furniture and clothing as well as in the hallways. Well we ended up calling our insurance company to see what we could do and they ended up covering the cost of replacing the flooring throughout the house. Then about six months ago we found out that our kitchen doors were leaking and ended up damaging our wood floors so again we called the insurance company and found out that they would cover the cost of refinishing our wood floor. So with this all in mind we really needed to make the change and replace the flooring. Kyle and I looked into a lot of different options but the one that made the most sense was to rip out all our carpet on the main floor and replace it with wood flooring. We did end up leaving the carpet down in the living room but that to will be getting a face lift within the next year. Kyle and I moved a majority of the smaller items as I just couldn't lift the heavy items at 7 month pregnant. So we had a ton of family and friends come to help Kyle move the rest of the furniture as well as rip out the carpet and pad. It took the flooring guy about two days to lay all the new wood and then another day or so to sand it all before we started to stain it. Once they started staining the floors we had to move out and live in a hotel for about four or five days while the house aired out. Below are some pictures of the whole process...
I didn't get any pictures of the house before we started tearing everything out or during but here's the front entry and the front room with the carpets all torn out.
Another view of the front room, dining room, stairs and hallway.
Our office
The front door with the new floors installed and stained
The office with the new floors and all stained
The front room, dining room and hallway with new floors and stained
Our kitchen already had wood floors that were the same color as the cabinets we had them sanded down and stained to match the rest of the house.
The rest of the kitchen with the new stain coloring.
It was a long process but totally worth it. I absolutely love my new wood floors... Now just to get some area rugs made....

Big Bed

The past few month's Allison's been asking us if Abbigail could sleep with her in her room.. We kept telling Allison no but about a month or two ago I finally decided that it was time to get Abbigail out of the crib and into a big bed... I went down and pulled it out of storage and put it together... After I put it together I called Allison and Abbigail up to Allison's room to take a look at Abbigail's new bed. Abbigail was so excited she went and grabbed all her blankets and stuffed animals and started piling them onto her new bed. I ended up going down stairs to talk to Kyle and told him to go check out Abbigail's new bed when he came up stairs just a few minutes later this is what he found: She was fast asleep!!!! I was so excited.. It did take her a few days to get use to the idea of a big bed and having to actually stay in it. But she's now been sleeping in her big bed for the past two months. She will wake up early in the morning and come crawl into bed with Kyle and I but at least she's sleeping the majority of the night in HER bed... I have also now put all of Abbigail's things in Allison's room so the girls now share a bedroom. Allison is very excited to be sharing a room with her little sister. It's a lot of fun watching the girls grow together and get a long so well. It's also very cute because some mornings we will wake up and find Abbigail sleeping with Allison in her bed.. Very cute!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I'm so lucky

I really am the luckiest mom out there to have these two little cuties as my daughter's. I love them so much and like I said before I'm truly lucky to be their mother!

Allison has grown up way too fast! She will be five in May (where has the time gone)!!!!! I know that she's only four but she acts like she's sixteen... She's just full of personality.... She's my little miss independent who wants to do everything on her own without mom's or dad's help! She's the best little singer and dancer! She's an amazing big sister to Abbigail and is always watching out for her little sister. She loves to socialize and just have fun with other little kids! She loves going to preschool and loves to learn new things. She loves reading (or being read to). She loves the color pink and everything princess!

Abbigail on the other hand is my little one! She's going to be two in May and is as tiny as can be! She like her sister is also full of personality but is also very shy. Abbigail always takes time to get to know people before she will fully open up. Abbigail is all girl! She loves my little pony, baby dolls and Tinkerbell. Abbigail is Allison's little shadow! She loves her big sister and is always wanting to be with Allison and doing exactly what Allison is doing.

I absolutely love my two little girls!!!
Allison and Abbigail playing with make up in the bathroom... Allison decided that I needed some too...
Then it was Abbigails turn to get her make up...