Sunday, February 27, 2011


As most of you know we are HUGE BYU fans... I don't think we ever miss a game (football or basketball)... We normally watch all the games from the comfort of our own home but this past week our neighbor who happens to be the BYU basketball coach gave us 4 tickets to the BYU vs. CSU game... THANK YOU DAVE!!!! I loved going to the game... I've gone to a few games in the past but they're just the $5 tickets and so we are always sitting with the students on the benches... Don't get me wrong it was still fun to go those times but being pregnant it's not fun sitting on the benches and the students stand the ENTIRE game so it made it a little difficult at times to see so again THANK YOU DAVE!!!! We were able to sit just 8 rows up behind the team and in the chairs (YAY)... It was so much fun and I could actually see the entire game... I loved it...
Us girls in our BYU gear...
Allison getting ready to leave
Abbigail in the car ready to go
Us after the game!!!
Again a huge THANK YOU Dave Rose family for the tickets! We also need to thank the Ringer's (our other neighbors that we sat with) son in law who caught the BYU ball and gave it to Allison.. Thank you!!!

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