Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I have been tagged!

8 things I'm passionate about:

1. Family

2. Church

3. Being a good wife

5. Being a good mother

6. Work

7. Enjoying each and every moment

8. Friends

8 words/phrases I use often: (not in any order)

1. Good Morning!


3. Ellsworth Properties!

4. This is Heather!

5. Give me kisses!

6. KYLE!


8. Thank you!

8 things I want to do before I die:

1. Have more kids

2. See my kids grow up and get married in the temple

3. To have grandchildren

4. Travel More with family

5. Go on a cruise

6. Take Kyle to Alaska for his big fishing trip

7. Study The Book of Mormon

8. Kyle and I to build our dream home

8 things I've learned in the past:

1. Family is first

2. How to be an understanding mommy and wife

3. Patience.... Patience....

4. Things don't always go the way I might have planned and that's okay

5. Enjoy the little things in life

6. Make time

7. I will never have another pet after Tiffany

8. I'm always going to be late!

8 things I currently want/need:

1. I really want a puppy

2. I really want to have my backyard done

3. I really want a maid

4. I really want to be closer to family so Allison can enjoy her grandparents and cousins more

5. I really want to fit back into my pre-Allison clothing

6. I really want to be crafty

7. I really want to have all my Christmas shopping finished!

8. I need a new black wallet (Kyle Christmas idea!)

8 places I want to see/visit:

1. Back east again

2. I want to visit Kyle's mission area of Iowa

3. White cliffs of Dover

4. Victoria, Canada (BEAUTIFUL)

5. Scotland

6. England

7. Paris, France

8. Italy

8 favorite restaurants

1. Olive Garden

2. JCW's

3. In-N-Out

4. Easy-Take-Out

5. Tucanos

6. Outback

7. Ruby River

8. Denny's

8 TV shows I can't live without (Disclaimer: I don't watch that many shows!)


2. Jon and Kate plus 8

3. Iron Chef America

4. Food Network Challenge

5. Las Vegas

6. The starter wife

7. Without a trace

8. Dancing with the Stars (thanks to my mother in law)

8 people I tag:

I can't think of 8 people off the top of my head so if you read this TAG YOUR IT!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

End of August and the month of September

So I went back through my camera to see if we had taken any pictures of anything this past month so I could blog about it but as I was going through our card I found the only thing on it are pictures of Kyle's rentals so it looks like we haven't had much really going on besides Kyle's rentals! Here are a few things that I know I did and I just forgot to take my camera with me to take pictures! At the end of August my good friend Christy came out to visit from Kansas and we went out for lunch and dinner a few days while she was here! Allison loved playing with little Zoey! It was fun hanging out and just catching up! Also while Christy was here we got together with a bunch of friends from back in the day like Kaitlin, Jessica, Memori, Christy and myself. It was a blast getting back together and just seeing what has been going on with each other since Jessica moved away to San Fran for a bit, Christy lives in Kansas now and Memori has gotten married and is settling down into married life!

Let's see another thing that I have done this past month was I was able to go to the Women's expo with Jessica and my cousin Nicole. It was fun hanging out with them and walking through the expo. Sad to say there was nothing real exciting this past Women's expo!

The only other thing that I have been doing is having Activity days with my girls from church! A few weeks ago we made pop bottle dolls or decorated pop bottles for there fall festival that they have going on at school. It was a lot of fun seeing what these girls come up with to decorate there bottles with. We had a dancer, treasure chest, a bird, a pig and lots of other fun things. Another fun thing that we did was we went to take the girls out to pick raspberries for the jam that we taught them to make the following day! It turned out REALLY good! Next time I think I would just stick to Strawberry jam through. Lot's of seeds in the raspberries!

Well that's been it for me this past month!

We will have to see what October brings it's way... HALLOWEEN!!! and Pumpkins... (I promise I will have pictures to post next time I blog!)