Friday, November 27, 2009

I just made up for the last two months of not blogging

So I know that I have been super horrible at keeping up with this whole blogging thing! I come on here all the time to see what everyone else it up to but never get to update my own... So I have finally done it... I went through ALL of my pictures for the past two months and have blogged just about everything... I think there are like 11 posts today alone! So have fun getting updated with the Kelley's! Happy Holidays!

Happy Thanksgiving

This year was the year of FIRSTS for Thanksgiving! This year we stayed home for Thanksgiving so it was our first Thanksgiving away from all our family. This was also the first year Kyle and I made our own Thanksgiving dinner. Kyle was in charge of smoking the turkey (which was another first) and ham while I was in charge of everything else. It was a lot of fun! It really made me realize how much is put into making a nice Thanksgiving day dinner! It was a GREAT day! I'm thankful for everyone who helped out!

Abbie and Zack

The other night we had a little gathering and Kristie and I decided to let Abbie and Zack play after eating... Haha well as you can tell my the floor the food didn't really stay in their tummy's... But they sure did have a fun time playing together

Carmel Apple Making

A few weeks back I learned how to make Carmel apples at a relief society activity. It was so much fun and so some of my friends wanted to learn so this past weekend we had them come over and I taught them how to make the Carmel apples while I tried out some Christmas decorations...

Daddy Daughter Date

Allison really wanted to get out and do something so we gave her options like Zoo, Park, Aquarium you know those types of things and she chooses to go shooting! So I decided to let her have some fun with Daddy and they had a little Daddy Daughter Date! She loved it! She came back so happy and so excited that she got to shoot the gun! Kyle says that she did great! She was able to shoot the gun as well as hit a few things!

Happy Birthday T-Bone

Happy Birthday Travis! Hope that it was a Great one!

BYU Basketball game

A couple of weeks ago we were given some basketball tickets and so we ended up going! It was a GREAT game!

Best Friends

I just love how my two girls are the best of friends! They LOVE to play together...


Allison loves to play dress up...

Oh how we LOVE our Allison!

A few weeks back we were out helping some friends move into their new unit while we were helping (well Kyle was helping I was watching Allison ride her bike) Allison disappeared from riding her bike. A few moment late I found her like this:

She's always full of surprises! We just love our Allison!

Family Pictures November 2009

The first Sunday of November we decided that we would take some nice family pictures...Well we attempted..

Sorry it's late but Happy Halloween 2009

Sorry this post is so late but I figured better late than never! So enjoy the pictures from our Halloween!