Sunday, January 27, 2008

Blog updates

As time has passed I have finally learned how to do stuff on this whole blog thing... Of course I didn't learn it all on my own I had to have help to get this far! I taught myself how to put individual pictures on but the whole slide show thing Kristie and Clayton explained that one to me.. Sorry I'm still working on it... The video clips from youtube took me forever to figure out but I did it! So now you can all keep updated on Allison and her tricks and skills... Then just yesterday Kaitlin finally taught me how to add the links so I can make the list of peoples blog addresses..... I could have probably figured this out a lot sooner if Kyle were to help but he could really careless for these things! But I did it and they are all on besides the picture slide show still working on that.. Next to learn would be how to put music on this thing and personalize the back ground to my own instead of the ones they just make you pick when you first sign up... Thanks to all those who have helped!

Oh yeah If I missed your blog address please let me know!


Eric, Kait & Tink said...

I am so glad you have joined the world of blogging! I only hope that you stay!!

Kyle Kelley Family said...

So far so good! We need to get the others on this thing..