Monday, February 25, 2008

I've been TAGGED!

Ten years ago. . .
I was twelve years old at that time and so my days usually consisted of going to school, doing homework, napping and watching TV.

Five things I'm doing today. . .
1. Wake up
2. Shower
3. Feed everyone
4. Play with Allison
5. Work

What I would do if I became a millionaire. . .
I would finally build my dream home that Kyle and I have been talking about and whatever is left invest it.

Five jobs I've had. . .
1. Front desk, Hampton Inn (all throughout high school)
2. Customer Service/Phones, Ellsworth Stationers (right after I graduated)
3. Property Manager, Ellsworth Properties (Current)

Five things that most people don't know about me. . .
1. I have to shower right when I get up if not I'm really lazy the rest of the day
2. I was a pregnant teen (married though)
3. Our first kiss was after a youth dance in the parking lot (I was the youth Kyle was one of the leaders)
4. I love working
5. I like shooting guns

Five places I've lived. . .
1. La Verne, California
2. Walnut, California
3. Glendora, California (for a summer)
4. Provo, Utah (Current)

I tag. . .
Family.... it doesn't really matter to me who actually does this or not but it was fun filling it out!

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Kaitlin Reed said...

Hey! That was fun reading about you! I'm glad you did it! Oh and I didn't know your first home was also LaVerne? And you actually love working, unlike me! LoL Crazy how much we don't know about our best friends sometimes, huh? Well, let's do something soon! Love ya!