Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve at Grandma Mary's

A Kelley tradition is to spend Christmas eve at Grandma Mary's house (Kyle grandma). Here's how it usually goes:
We always start out with Dinner! After dinner the kids go out and practice the nativity. After they are done practicing they come in and act out the nativity. Once they are done acting out the nativity they always pass out all the gifts to and from Grandma Mary. After the little kids are done opening their gifts from Grandma Mary the adults start the white elephant! Kyle and I made out pretty good this year compared to the past few years! haha... (Wheel of fortune hat??)
Allison opening a gift from Grandma Mary (doll set)
Kyle's gift from "a friend"
Another gift from Grandma Mary (ABC electronic book)
Grandpa laughing at Allison!!!
Grandpa Kelley putting pillowcase over Allison
Allison showing Grandpa her new pillow case
Kids acting out the nativity!

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