Monday, May 19, 2008

Like Colors

Kyle has been playing in this band called "Like Colors". Well they have recorded for a movie for the Sundance film festival and just recently they played in a battle of the bands. I'm glad that Kyle is playing again but sad that he's not playing with "Backseat Driver" or "Nothing Special the band". I just know that he LOVED playing with those people and had a lot of fun. I know he would really like it if the other band member from "Nothing Special" were to move closer so they could play again! Back to the subject he played in a battle of the bands and he did GREAT! They came in second place which was great! The other bands were interesting to say the least! There were only 4 bands that played. I'm guessing the band that won was the band that played right before Kyle played and the only reason why they won was because they were high school students and all there friends came out to support. Either way I love watching Kyle play! It's just a little reminder of why I fell in love with him!

Sorry the place was REALLY DARK and Kyle is in the back! He's the drummer!
I also wanted to thank everyone who came out to support!


The Romberg's said...

Nothing Special The Band (.com) Now if they would have played they would have gotten 1st place.

Kyle Kelley Family said...

I would have to agree!