Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A little Update

This is just a little update... Last week we went to Moab with my folks and grandparents and aunt to go four wheeling! It was a blast! Kyle and Allison ended up getting a rash from an allergic reaction but have seen the doctor and are now recovering... Well at least Allison is...

I have been super busy with work the past week since the semester is coming to an end and all my tenants are having different requests at the last minute! I have also been keeping busy with going out with friends or just hanging out! We have been doing a lot with Kristie and Clayton the past few weeks and it's been a blast! I love hanging out with Kristie! I have also started my scrapbook thanks to Kaitlin! She has been trying to get me to start my scrapbook for the past month and we finally got together a few days ago and we got ALL my pictures out and organized them so that I can start to scrapbook next time we get together!

Kyle has been crazy busy with life! He loves to go fishing every minute of the day! He usually only has four things on his mind... Family, Fishing, Four wheeling and drumming! Kyle makes it a weekend event to get out and go four wheeling usually down in Little Saraha! He has been doing drum lessons and has been playing with this band for a few weeks now and is off today recording with them for a movie... Don't ask what movie because I have no idea and whenever I ask him he doesn't have an answer... So maybe he might now since he's actually doing the recording today! So check back later to see how that goes! Kyle was just released this past Sunday from his young men's calling and is still waiting to hear what his new calling might be... I don't get it... Kyle has had more calling in one year than anyone else I know of!

Allison is a busy buddy! She is always doing something! If it's not playing it's either helping mom work or mess up the house! Allison is a great little helper! She loves to help mommy clean the house especially swiffering! Allison loves to play with Tiffany the cat! Allison LOVES the evenings when all the boys come over and she gets to have tons of playmates! She loves to talk and color!

Well that's our update.. We are all doing great and hope that everyone else is doing well... Until next time...

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