Friday, August 6, 2010

Kelley's come to visit

The first week of July the Kelley Clan was in Provo.. The first night we always go to Osaka...
Allison and Grandma Kelley
Our dinner party
Abbigail and Grandpa Kelley
The fireworks from the Stadium of Fire (from our house)
The fireworks
The kids with Grandma Kelley
Abbigail and Grandpa Kelley
Allison, Kyle, Heather and Abbigail Kelley (thanks Jessica for letting us use your pool)
Kyle and the girls
Everyone in the pool
The boys
Jackson and his fish
Abbigail on the boat
Jonas and Kyle with their fish
Jonas with fish # 1 out of 50
We had a lot more pictures of all our fun activities but someone dropped our camera in the stream so I hope you enjoyed the pictures...

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