Sunday, December 14, 2008


I just really felt like posting about Allison! She is just too cute! Now that Kyle and I are expecting we have been trying to explain to Allison about mommy having a baby in her tummy and that she is going to be a big sister! At first she didn't get it at all! After a few more talks about it she now knows that there is a baby in mommy's tummy and that she loves the baby! She loves to rub my tummy to say hello to the baby! She also loves to give it kisses! She is just too cute! I know that she is going to be an awesome big sister! Maybe a little too smothering but what kid isn't at that age! But this all came up because I was giving Allison a bath and she got some water on the floor so I got a small towel to wipe it up and Allison decided that she wanted the towel in the tub with her so she pulled it in and I asked what she was doing and she said mommy baby. I holding baby. She was pretending that the towel was the baby and she was holding it in her arms. I just thought that this was so cute that I just had to share!

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That is precious!