Monday, December 8, 2008

Allison and Santa!

Santa's Horses!
Kallie, Santa, Allison and Mommy

Cousin Katie, Kallie, Santa, Allison and Mommy!

Cousin Krista, Cousin Katie, Kallie, Santa, Allison and Mommy!

Auntie Jan taking Allison for a ride behind Santa's Slay!

This was just too cute! This was up in Sandy at my Aunt and Uncle's house! They take a Santa Clause around the whole neighborhood for the kids to come out and meet Santa! It was really cute! This was the first time Allison met Santa and could actually remember him! She didn't really like the idea of sitting with Santa alone so Mommy had to sit with Santa too! Allison told Santa that she wants Princess and Dora! She also told Santa that she has been a good girl all this past year! Allison was super cute with Santa! Allison also got to play with Kallie my cousin's daughter! When we left I found out that she was so up set because she was leaving her friend behind! Thanks everyone for a good day!
Oh, Kyle was missing because he was out with friends shooting rabbits! I asked him if they had taken any pictures so I could blog about it and he said that he didn't and it probably was a good thing! Those poor bunnies!


Katie said...

Such cute pictures! We had so much fun with you guys! we need to get together again and let these two girls wear eachother out!

Jessica said...

Heheh. I love that you asked Kyle if he'd taken pictures.

Grandma Kelley said...

Looks like lots of fun Allison.
I'm so glad you had fun with Santa and your Great Aunt Jan on the horse. You are so sweet....
Love, Grandma Kelley