Sunday, June 22, 2008



Valerie said...

OK, first of all the sea doo is much much to close to that boat! Second, the snake in the water isn't a good feeling, and third is the flag holder actually watching the skier behind the boat? Not sure you are all obeying the water safety laws, you might have to be reported. PS Have you left yet?

Valerie said...

First of all do you know that Sea Doo is much to close to the boat? Second the snake in the water makes me a little nerves, to go to Yuba Lake, and #3 Is the flag holder really paying attention to the skier?

PS Have you left yet?

Kyle Kelley Family said...

First I agree. Kyle loves to jump the wake.It was really neat to watch but wow he get's close to the boat. The snake yeah that was a little nasty. We moved away from that area real quick and havent gone back since. This time I was watching the skier! I was trying to tan. I know with a wet suit on! And NO we havent left yet! Enjoy your time at the lake!